Person in Need of Professional Help Bashes Celebrity Gossip Bloggers, Defends Britney Spears

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T.H. Gossip Correction: When we declared that Britney Spears' performance at the VMAs was panned universally, we were mistaken. One person is still fond of Spears - and off his/her medication hating on the celebrity news media for bashing her.

On YouTube, Chris Crocker passionately defends Brit - and herself, promising that the display of emotion below (which has to be seen to be believed) is real.

Britney Spears, Gun

"Yes, I was REALLY crying, you f*%king morons," he/she (we can't tell) writes. "The one time I'm NOT acting- everyone says I am. I filmed this window lighting which washes out my face- if the video is watched full screen I am clearly crying, a$$holes."

Okay then. Without further ado, you gotta peep this...


This hysterical, distraught Britney Spears fanatic, who should really consider enlisting a whole team of psychologists, ASAP, implores: "How f*%king dare anyone out there make fun of Britney after all she's been through!?"

She has, indeed, been through a lot. Like parading around with no underwear at clubs. Girl deserves a break. How could anyone make light of such a thing.

We take it all back. Happy now, Chris Crocker?


omg i am from his area and live really close 2 there & i am a huge fan of him but u dont see me snoopin around shit just 2 meet him if u want 2 meet him so bad fuckin ask him good god, pathedic people. If he wanted you to find him he would tell you


Chris has lots of other funny videos too; check out his YouTube channel "itschriscrocker"; people make empty threats all the time on-line. No one wants to hurt Chris really, I bet. Kinda cool how he crashed into show biz from myspace and youtube, a grass roots performer. He's got the game -- good voices, faces, speaking, etc. A natural in front of the camera. Go CC!!!


looks like this boys high heels are too tight lmao


Don't say where he lives, idiots. So many people threaten his life on Youtube.


Thank you, Carr and to hell with Lili. I'm one step closer to meeting him now. :D (or at least his grandma)


Why the hell are you giving out his personal information? There are people who have said in no uncertain terms that they would kill him because he's gay. He has made it clear that he does not want people to know his real name and hometown, so please stop, even if you do find him annoying or obnoxious, etc. Have some decency, please.


he lives off of Hwy. 126 right behing Sullivan Central High School in Blountville, Tn.


what did this guy ever do before britney? Did he even have a job?He seems to have a lot of spare time on his hands. Did he just live off of grandmas good will or something. He seems like a Mix between Bi-polar and skytsophrenic (yes I know I spelt that wrong:))


Also his real name is Chris Cunningham


Everyone already knows he is from Bristol, TN.

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