Otherwise Good Audrina Patridge Pic Ruined By Blogger

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You know, just when you think you're going to get through a day without seeing his ugly mug, Perez Hilton appears. This time, he's with lovely Audrina Patridge of The Hills, who apparently hides disgust well. She should be a poker player!

Audrina For Bongo

ABOVE: Perez Hilton torments us by cozying up to Audrina Patridge.

The pic above kind of speaks for itself. One of our favorite celebrities with one of our... no comment. Let's just talk about how much we love Audrina and The Hills!

When we first were exposed to Audrina Patridge, we weren't so sure about her. She seemed a little phony and uninteresting. But we've come around on Audrina since she moved in with Lauren Conrad. She's a member of Team LC, and isn't into shameless self-promotion, so we really have no problems with this cutie!

Now, Heidi Montag, on the other hand ...


many of times that I was going to change and faeild, but I am not going to quit. I am going to pick myself up and keep on going. I wish you luck on your goals. Number 1 and 3 would be pretty hard for me. I love TMZ and Perez. I check them everyday multiple times a day. And sleeping at 11PM, whoa, what's that? The last time I used to do that is when I was in High School. My three goals for this week:1. Eating fruit and veggies as my meal once a day.2. Cutting out all soda and juices. Or drink one can of soda/juice per day.3. Work out everyday for at least 45 Mins. OOOH, I hope I can do it. ***crossing fingers***Fresh by Jen //


my gosh, let perez hilton be a untalented guy that gives us something to laugh [gosspi gossip gossip


he's alright. he's getting a lot of money fro writing his blog, so he's doing something right.


ohh shut uppp
hes hell cool
he does what he does
and he rocks!
this might not be his best picture
but hey you gotta love the pink hair!
love ya perez!


Oh, Perez torments us just by being seen. People like him diminish the value of true talent.


Ohhh he's so out of control....but i have to admit i'm addicted to his blog AND the hills (team LC definitely). i found this really fun game on iwon.com where you can whack perez on the head, http://games.iwon.com/demo/per...


Perez Hilton is such a fake. He has still not forgiven Lauren for being barred from the premiere of the hills so he is out to get her....now on his site, he is trying to start people choosing between Audrina and Lauren.....such a loser. i guess he got tires of Spencer's **** as he is not blogging about them in any negative way......

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