O.J. Simpson Cellphone Pic Gets Dude Fired

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We're not the sharpest tools in the shed over here at The Hollywood Gossip, but even our fresh-faced, naive interns would be smart enough to know not to take a picture of O.J. Simpson with their cell phones.

If they worked in a courtroom, that is. Here, it would be cool.

Apparently, one courtroom employee is in hot water for just that - whipping out a phone and snapping an unauthorized OJ Simpson pic. TMZ obtained a letter written to the Juice, sent in care of his lawyers, apologizing for their actions, or as the court termed it, the actions of one of its "contract employees."

In the letter sent Thursday, the Executive Office of the Clark County Courts says a court reporter took a cell phone picture of Simpson as he left a court hearing this week, where he was arraigned on kidnapping charges and other really bad stuff.

The Clark County Court executive called the court employee's behavior "abhorrent" and told O.J. Simpson and his attorneys that it "would not be tolerated."

The letter says that the issue has been "addressed" with the employee, and the picture of OJ deleted. Unemployment benefits are good in Nevada, we hear.

We all love celebrity photos, and making a mockery of this disgrace, but come on man. Like you can't find O.J. Simpson mug shots plastered all over creation.


This prick should go to jail long time ago. I hope he can understand that he is eval prick and he should be in jaril for rest of his life. The justice has been served!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I live in Las Vegas and this sort of thing goes on all the time. It's just that the OJ trial will be the biggest news story from LV in years. shawn kalin


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