New Vanessa Hudgens Pictures: Serious Lesbian Action!

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Move over, Katie Rees!

We've got a new member of the Girl-on-Girl Action All-Star Team.

Vanessa Hudgens at a Party

A week after Vanessa Hudgens naked pics hit the Web, new photos of this young High School Musical star are spreading like lesbian fire.

Apparently not content with only smooching Zac Efron, the actress is sort of kissing an anonymous girl in these pictures. We know the shots are playful, but come on Vanessa.

Haven't you learned anything from Rees? Or Antonella Barba? Or Amy Polumbo? Or Tara Conner?

You're a public figure - and what a public figure! - so you need to be more careful with what you put on camera. Think about it: Do you want a reputation like that of Kim Kardashian or Mandy Moore?

Sorry, Britney Spears, but: Oops, Vanessa Hudgens did it again. She's not that innocent!

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... Could someone explain what's lesbian about those pictures?They're practically not even touching! Honestly, making up stories is not really useful way to spend time >_>


helloww!!!these pictures does not mean she's lesbian or something like that.give her a break!!!!you can always make fun pictures about yourselves and your friends!!!
vanessa, i may not be one of your avid fans, but, i still believe that you are not what they perceive you to be. i still believe that you're a good person deep within.the past is the past. wishing you all the best for your career. mwaahhh.


What's so lesbo about those pics? grow up hollywood gossip! can't you find other stories to write?


you know what? I do similar jokes with my friends too! 'cause they're JUST JOKES!nothing else....but hey, she is Vanessa Hudgens, and everybody need to find something wrong to say about her, after the main scandal....even that SHE DOES LESBIAN ACTIONS! oh my God,that's so RIDICULOUS! seriously....I don't wanna be in her positon now. Hear everywhere that everybody define you as someone really close to a whore is absolutely humiliating...
dear Vanessa, you'll always have my respect, even this mistake. you're a good actress and a beautiful girl....dont worry: you will never be like Britney Spears....


shes not even kissing her people are just accusing vanessa of everything possible because they dont have any interesting news to tell


Now we know why Zac said in Rolling Stone that she is very sexy!