New Vanessa Hudgens Pictures: Serious Lesbian Action!

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Move over, Katie Rees!

We've got a new member of the Girl-on-Girl Action All-Star Team.

Vanessa Hudgens at a Party

A week after Vanessa Hudgens naked pics hit the Web, new photos of this young High School Musical star are spreading like lesbian fire.

Apparently not content with only smooching Zac Efron, the actress is sort of kissing an anonymous girl in these pictures. We know the shots are playful, but come on Vanessa.

Haven't you learned anything from Rees? Or Antonella Barba? Or Amy Polumbo? Or Tara Conner?

You're a public figure - and what a public figure! - so you need to be more careful with what you put on camera. Think about it: Do you want a reputation like that of Kim Kardashian or Mandy Moore?

Sorry, Britney Spears, but: Oops, Vanessa Hudgens did it again. She's not that innocent!

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I bet you it was her friends in the pictures who sold her out.


HOW ARE THESES LESBIAN PHOTO'S ??? Practially every teenage girl I know takes these kinds of pictures. There just jokes. Tbh, I wouldn't even say she was a lesbian if she pulled the girl. ANYONE WHO SAYS THESE ARE LESBIAN PICTURES HAVE OBVIOUSLY NEVER BEEN TO A TEENAGE PARTY Therefore they are clearly social rejects and losers Haha, lmao


So I came here and looked around for that "serious lesbian action" and all I found were these crappy polaroids of a couple of pals playing it up for the cameras. What a crappy website this
Mislead people much? How many clicks did this lie get, guys?


HOLY crap stop making vanessa sound like a god damn whore, damn frickin news and there damn power to over exagerate everyone, these pics of her are barely even touching the other girl.


Omg this is so stupid she's not even doin anything lesbianish this is retarded wat girl hasnt taken pics like these seriously if u guys think this is bad ur effin retarded


i hate vennesa! i wish she die! and i love zac efron! this is reall email write to him!
and he answer to you but after
2-3 days! but it's ok! Love!
LoLa =)


You guys who think this is lesbian are idiots!! You got to be freaking kidding me!! You stupid asses are just saying that cus you guys envy her! This is far from lesbian!! Do you see her doing anything sexual with this girl? There toungs are NOT touching, the girl's just sitting on her lap, and the other one there 5 feet apart! You people seriously are ridiculous!! How would you like to be judged about everything you do, say, or look like?! Get over yourselves!!


wow, a little harsh but i have to agree with the above very true.


This is completely ridiculous. I can understand why there was an uproar about nude pictures, but this is just Vanessa taking random, stupid photos with her friend. There's really nothing exciting about them. Let's find something actually worth gossiping about now, shall we?


oh lord... whats so lesbo about that?? I do that.. I am NO lesbo! Find better things to talk about...geezuz!