Michael Vick Support Group Gets Another Member

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The growing list of celebrities clamoring to join the Michael Vick Fan Club - still a very short, moronic list - has another new member: Glenn Plummer.

The Showgirls star went off on a passionate defense of the disgraced Vick while clubbin' at Les Deux last night. He said, quote:

"$h!t, nigg@s been fighting dogs since we were born!"

Way to keep it real. Dog.

Channeling his inner Whoopi Goldberg and Stephon Marbury, Plummer went on to explain that there's "a million people" fighting dogs, and that:

"They catch Michael Vick and they just want to put him on the spotlight, you know what I'm sayin'? Go find out who really doing it!"

Actually, Michael Vick was really doing it. That's why he was, you know, indicted and pled guilty to funding the dogfighting ring, and is going to prison.


@Diana u illiterate bitch shut the fuck up and leave that man alone he is the best in the NFL and fuck dem dogs who gives a fuck except white people. They need 2start fight ignorant ass mexicans like urself cause u r truly a disgrace. This man is apologizing for the things he's done he is not the only person who fights dogs u asshole. Yea it was wrong but at the same time he doesn't deserve his life and career taken from him he's done way more good than bad. He's trying to turn his life around, while ppl cont. to judge him he's trying to prove himself even tho he doesnt have to. Only God can judge this man, and Im sure he's forgiven. it's not like he's a mass murderer of humans he was fighting fucking dogs white people kill deers and fight chickens WTF is the difference?!?! I love you Vick keep being the great man u are to ur fam. Kijafa is beautiful and so r the kids i wish u guys the best and many more blessings to u & ur family!!


Some people forgive Mike. BEST SHIRT EVER!.... www.VickLove.com Looks just like the LOVE sign in Philly!!!


It's really sad how many people want to see this man BACK in jail for dog fighting, but they aren't trying to get killers of PEOPLE in jail. Sick people you are to support animals who if given the opportunity would kill you in a second without a thought.


Im so tired of people using vick as a punching bag there's so many other athlets who have done much worse . Hell mIke Tyson went to prison for rape he got out and people had no problem with him going back to work . Mike did something wrong , he paid a huge price , both in money and in prison time . 18 months in prison ain't no joke. So leave him alone and I envy the team that gets him they will be much better . And as for the bunny huggers how about worring about something worth worring about like child abuse victims and starving kids and families


Good luck Mike, I hope everything goes well in your fight to get reinstated.


oh an thattlkid he diserves it and guess what im blakc and mexican so shute the **** up! he did wrong!


MICHEAL VICK!?!?! U wanna know what i think of him i think hes not supposed to be with god!! i cant believe wht he did on dog ifghting he is stupid an retarted micheal if u can see this message u better be in jail like the show!


I did forget to add that if Michael Vick does become a better person through all of this, than I support him wholeheartedly. I am all about giving someone a second chance if they earn it. I hope he comes through this a better person and I wish him good luck and I would support him playing football again, especially if he sticks it out and works hard to earn back what he lost.


Who has not done anything wrong in life that they are sorry for!? Yes he was wrong for what he did but I'm not going to turn my back on him because of that. The man is human. Everyone makes mistakes. This time in prison will do something for Vick that it has not done for a lot of people "change him" . Vick has missed and will miss his time on the field. He wants that back. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Murders and rapest get 2nd chances Vick needs that chance. He can't change the past but he shape a better future. Michael Vick has my support unless he proves other wise. He will come out of this situation a better person. Vick I'm on your side .


To Michael Vick - I admire the way that you have conducted yourself during this ordeal. Clearly you did wrong, and clearly you know that now. This dark moment will pass for you. If you make the effort, you can emerge a better man from these troubles. I believe that you will. Good luck brother.

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