Major Celebrity Gossip: Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern were Lovers

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Take this with a grain of salt as big as Jason Davis.

But the latest celebrity gossip rumor is based around a new tell-all about Anna Nicole Smith from former MSNBC journalist Rita Cosby. It alleges - make sure you're sitting down for this - that Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead were secret gay lovers.

Larry in Action

The book, "Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death" describes a brief tryst between Stern and Birkhead. Jackie Hatten, described as a friend of Anna Nicole's, claims she found Stern and Birkhead with shirts off and pants around their ankles, engaged in the Antonella Barba special.

That's not all: the tome also accuses the feuding men of cutting a deal between them in which Birkhead would get custody of Dannielynn in return for Stern being named executor of Anna Nicoles estate.

Both Birkhead and Stern deny all of Cosby's accusations. The former said that he was disgusted by Cosby's assertions and "if she printed that then she is really getting sued," he said.

Stern's lawyer called the book "false and defamatory."


hi im from arabian gulf this couple i do not know if they are gay but allah know ??? hf there are gay then allah buy those couple hn the hill??? sorry ana nicole smith im very sad becouse your die but some arab will be with you ??????????????????????????????????????OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++___________++++++++++++_____________+++&&&&&&&&&&&&&%%%%%%%%%%%%%%#############@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!


I AM NOT GAY i loved anna for her money now i got it i'm off to buy me sum young girls.


I am not gay that weasel larry pickerhead wants a chunk of my hard earned cash i killed daniel & anna nicole for the money now i got it i'm off to buy me sum hookers.


I am not gay even if i was i wouldn't look twice at that weasel larry pickerhead i killed daniel & anna nicole now i got the money i'm off to buy me sum hookers.


Howard and Larry are in that picture because
that is what Anna wanted. They did almost
anything for her. She did not say one thing
about Howard or Larry being gay and I am sure she would have when she got mad at Larry.
I am shocked at Rita Crosby because I really liked her reporting. People lie for money all the time.


Come on folks. Are you people not thinking! First of all, everyone knows that pictures can be altered. Second of all, i'm not saying that their gay, but have none of you ever partied with a crowd of opposites. My God! I'm not gay and i go to the strip clubs with my man all the time. Does not mean that im gay, i'm just opened minded. Rita is just after money. This man has fought more fights and jumped through more hoops for his daughter than most people would. He is a great father. Let this poor man alone and look at your own skeletons in the closet. And as far as you Rita. Why would you write such trash and ruin peoples lives. How do you sleep at night? Just because your a waste of skin does not mean that you have to make other peoples life hell!!!!!


PLEEEEEEZ! Any real Anna fan knew that Hatten had not been friendly with Anna for years since her brother was CONVICTED and JAILED for stalking Anna. Anna thought Jackie was a "hanger-on". When Jackie calls her "Annah" and says "my friends" I am disgusted. Also that ridiculous lie about being Daniels Godmother. She met him when he was twelve or something. It would be rare for someone to wait that long to give their child a God parent. Publicity grabbing, mole faced bit**!!!! She and man-voiced Rita are the sickos in this story. Both would bend over backwards and take it from a donkey to get some cash. they make me sick!!!


This is sickening.. If anybody who has Dannilynn truly in their heart, why would someone publish such B.S. for her to read someday... Rita is a hasbeen and needs some atention! GO GET HER MEN!


I think this Rita and Dopey are real sick, what do they get out of this?, sued I hope, Why don't the media let people get on with there lives. Let us hear real news and not garbage such as this.


EVERYONE involved seems to be guilty of something, most prevalently to sell their souls to the devil for fame and fortune.

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