Las Vegas Police: O.J. Simpson Suspect in Burglary

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Las Vegas police say O.J. Simpson is a suspect in a Thursday night break-in of a Palace Station hotel room ... involving sports memorabilia.

Was good ol' Orenthal the knife-wielding maniac trying to get his #32 jersey or Heisman back? Is that six-figure NFL pension not enough? Who knows.

The ex-NFL star was supposed to be in Miami today, according to TMZ, for a deposition in a bankruptcy case involving his eldest daughter, Arnelle - but it was canceled because the Juice said he was going out of town.

Hotel sources in Las Vegas report that O.J. did not have a room booked for himself, but confirm that Simpson was spotted in the hotel Thursday night.

Most scumbags of this nature would be content committing a double murder and getting off, but apparently, O.J. Simpson is intent on continuing the crime spree.

Las Vegas Police spokesman Jose Montoya said O.J. Simpson was released, and is believed to still be in Sin City. Sounds like a regular Ocean's 11 caper to us!

Except for the fact that, you know, none of the people in that movie ever killed two people in cold blood, then rubbed it in the world's face.

We know we're in the minority here, but we frickin' despise this guy? Could yuo tell? Man, only O.J. could make Michael Vick look like a patron saint.

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