Kristin Chenoweth: Pushing Daisies, Wearing Bikinis

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Kristin Chenoweth is so hot.

Yet you might not even know who she is, and if you do, you know that her sexual appeal is marked by apparent contradictions.

For one, she's 4-foot-11 and 95 pounds, yet sports ridiculous curves. She's also a devout Christian ... who doesn't think twice about showing off her body.

Moreover, she's a Tony-award winning Broadway star, and has appeared on sophisticated TV hits such as The West Wing, but she's a simple girl at heart.

"Don't be takin' me to ‘nice' restaurants," Kristin Chenoweth says. "I don't like anything I can't pronounce. I like Applebee's, Arby's and Dairy Queen!"

She's also gearing up for her new show, Pushing Daisies. We're excited for this, but equally pumped about finding these pics of Kristin in old FHM spread.

Check out a couple of their hot Kristin Chenoweth photos:

Kristin Chenoweth Picture
Kristin Chenoweth Photo

For more Kristin looking sultry, just CLICK HERE.


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listen, i know she looks like a slut in these pix, but she's a great person! sometimes people make dumb choices like kristin did taking these pix. but trust me...kristin is wonderful!