Kirsten Storms Officially Charged with DUI

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Dark clouds are ahead for Kirsten Storms.

The actress who who plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital has been officially been charged with two counts of driving under the influence.

Kirsten Storms Photograph

Storms was arrested on September 7 while doing her best Nicole Richie impression on an L.A. freeway. A police officer says he saw her toss a lit cigarette out the window of her Mercedes before pulling her over.

According to the police report, officers "noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle."

After several sobriety tests, Storms was arrested for DUI. Law enforcement sources say she blew a .13 and will be in court to face the charges on October 7.


I miss you so Kirsten! The new girl playing Maxie sucks! What ever is happening in your life, you are just human! Everyone makes mistakes! You are one of my top actresses...please come back to GH! Life is not the same without you!


Please note that this article regarding a DUI was from 2007. It is NOT the reason Kirsten is off of GH temporarily. She is out due to severe endometriosis. They said she will be out for 2 months. One can assume that she needs some sort of surgery as this can be a serious health issue. Get well soon Kirsten, you are the ONE & ONLY Maxie Jones.


There is only one real Maxie. Please pull yourself together. My prayers, as I am certain many others prayers are with you. What will Spanellie do without you? Or Jason? Best of luck.


I really like Kirsten as Maxie, so it surprised me that I also like the fill-in actress who's been playing her; usually any new soap actor has to grow on me. So Kirsten, you're not irreplacable - knock off the self-destructive DUI crap, take care of your health, and hopefully we'll see you back on the show.


I will be glad when Kirsten comes back, the one playing Maxie, now by no means can act. No one can replace the orginal Maxie. Get better soon.


Kirsten hope your health is doing better. Miss you on GH, no one plays Maxie like you. My god bless you and see you soon on GH. I'm a big GH fan for years. Connie J.