Kirsten Storms Officially Charged with DUI

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Dark clouds are ahead for Kirsten Storms.

The actress who who plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital has been officially been charged with two counts of driving under the influence.

Kirsten Storms Photograph

Storms was arrested on September 7 while doing her best Nicole Richie impression on an L.A. freeway. A police officer says he saw her toss a lit cigarette out the window of her Mercedes before pulling her over.

According to the police report, officers "noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle."

After several sobriety tests, Storms was arrested for DUI. Law enforcement sources say she blew a .13 and will be in court to face the charges on October 7.

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Kirsten Storms Arrested for DUI

Shortly after 3 a. m. Friday, authorities stopped soap opera actress Kirsten Storms along the 101 Freeway in Studio City after they say...


Okay I'm not a freakin idiot!!! I had Endometriosis years ago and have a few friends who also had it. You are by no means out of work for this long of a period...PERIOD. It's a very simple procedure done on an outpatient basis where they just do a laperscopic deal to zap them out,plain and simple. Something really bad is wrong with that poor girl and it's her perogitive to have all of the privacy she wants but don't lay that endo crap on us. She hss so many loyal fans myself included who would love to help her through whatever it is but until the time she wants to share it with us please don't pull those strings.


We all miss you Kristen and hope you return to GH very soon.
"Women stuff" does indeed suck sometimes but you are young and can handle it! Your replacement is doing a great job but she is not you! Only you will be able to play the part when it comes out that Maxie was responsible for turning on the gas that ultimately killed Robin. God speed.

@ Wheezie

Not true all cases are different mine was so bad I was out of work for 3 months. They had to do emergency surgery on me. I had so much pain the doc compared them to bad labor pains and I had them for around 8-10 hours daily everyday before the surgery was done.


I sincerely send best wishes to Kirsten on GH. There is no one who could replace Maxi. Like myself & so many others....we wish her well. We hope & pray she will return soon to GH.


I am so sad that AMC is off the air with nowhere to go, One Life to Live only a few episodes left. I LOVE the SOAPS! REALLY? Replacing them w cooking shows? We have been following the soaps since I was little. GIVE them their own Cable channel! KEEP THE SOAPS ALIVE!!!!
Kirsten Storms I am sorry you made such a huge mistake with Drinking and driving. You made the choice to do it. You have to accept what happens. I always thought you were the ONly Maxi and I have missed you not being on the show, but your replacement is doing a good job. GOOD LUCK!!Hang in there!


When are u coming back I miss u very much I hope u are okay and u come back stronger than ever I hat that person who took your place she sucks.


I really miss Kirsten as Maxie on GH. She is so annoying but that is the part she plays and no one can do it better than she does. I wish her a speedy recovery.


Missing you on GH. The show is not the same without you!
I too suffered the agonizing pain from this condition. So sorry you are also going through this. Something needs to be done to raise awareness about this dibiitating disease. I'll say a prayer for you, hoping you can find a treatment that will help to control the pain.


I don't know what your reason is for being recast on General Hospital, but hurry back soon. I am praying for you.


Kirsten...get well soon! I too suffered from endometriosis for many years. After having numerous surgeries, I found that Lupron injections amazing and lasted several months.


Kirsten, Miss you on GH get well soon.