Kevin Zegers: The Latest Paris Hilton Boy Toy

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Sorry, Tyler Atkins. Your time in Paris is over.

It appears as though Canadian actor Kevin Zegers is the latest random dude in need of an STD test to go on a date with Paris Hilton.

Before this, Zegers' top acting credit was Air Bud: Golden Receiver.

Now, of course, he'll get to know an entirely different kind of doggy style.

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hai kevin...i'm youre fans.i like u very much..
youre acting so good and very natural, i like watch u're movie especially AIR BUD..all of air bud.
how are u? What are u doing now? dont u have a new movie recently...?
thanks, i hope u always good, i'm waiting for u're movie next.




i want to seeing kevin zegers totally naked muscles live and i like very very much i love him i like to meet him i want cant saying i what can i do by kevin zegers but i love u so so much much more then lot of love with him he is # 1 for my eyes of this world he beautiful handsame best actor i thing he is best dancer i thing so he is best person of the hollywood i m also love him ok take care your self thanks of all of you for join me for thanks for all of website owners members and all of world people's i want to saying from this website happy new year and i love all of u


''eMank dasar!!,paris hilton emank PeLacur MuraHAn,,DEmen BangEt DeKeT dengan Laki GANteNG kYk keVIn zegers...,,,kEvin ZEgers itu kan CYnk Que..Paris hilton GUA akuIN 100 % canTIkan gUa..eMank dasar FUGGLI SLUTCH hilton pelaCur muraHAN


oqqqqqqqqqqqqqq ela e ela não!! tem que ser so o kevin zegers com outra ela não nãoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is paris hilton the hoe of babylon or what? he looks like that dead guy- river phoenix. i think he had aids too. did she know him?


I think this site is cruel, retarded and disgusting that it is blatently slating Paris Hilton in the way it is doing. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves for your hate campaign, I support paris in all she does and stands for, and the suggestion you and other make of any STDs are completely false and unfounded. If i were paris i would be issuing writs on you all, you would surely loose the case! Keep up what you believe in Paris you as an inspiration and it is about time I found someone i can REALLY relate with! You have a supporter in all quaters here!! Graham UK

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