Karrine Steffans Writes Book, Loves Bill Maher

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Don't worry, Karrine Steffans, we haven't forgotten about you.

The woman behind "Confessions of a Video Vixen," hasn't been heard from in awhile. After all, she hasn't broken up Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's marriage in months.

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But the video music star/dancer has a new book out, one chock full of salacious new stories of her (numerous) sexy romps.

"The Vixen Diaries" is billed as a self-help book for some reason. But it still mentions her naked time with actors and musicians such Jamie Foxx, Bobby Brown and Bill Maher.

Moreover, Steffans assures readers she did not break up the unions of Brown and Houston... or Halle Berry and Eric Benet... or Chris Rock and Malaak Rock. She doesn't exactly explain just why these endless rumors began in the first place, however.

In closing, Karrine dedicated to book to Maher, who she refers to as "the love of my life." And Lord knows she's had many to choose from.


the real of it is that shes very cute and all of these high and mighty critics would probably love to sleep with her


Karrine Steffans life is no differnt from alot of young female's
I heard this same story from about 5 out of 10 women or should i say young women. That they been raped by guys they careless put them self in to. Or what makes it so bad there own dad's or family members rape them.
Her book sounded like she put her self in all of those bad rape me and I whore I fall in love every guy with money and fame. Then talks about them when they don't want to wife a whore................ I feel sorry For Karrine but there's more young women that had it harder than her and been raped...


This lady's life is such a tragedy. And she must have thought she was "in" when she tried to look down on Janet and classify her as a "B" Lister who was trying to stay famous. That told me right there Karrine has issues. Do you really think youare above Janet? No matter how much Miss Jackson falls fromthe spotlight, you will always be scum beneath her feet. And did she really think Bill Maher would seriously "wife" her? Superhead, you are SuperStupid!


Her fifthteen minutes of fame is now over. Such a sad a lonely person. To constantly talk about Bill Maher who suppose to be the love of her life. Bill is the type of man who will take in a slut, clean them up, use them for his own sexual pleasure and then dump them.


I'm still wondering how she says she is an A list star? I feel really sorry for her son and thinks she has some type of mental problems. We will soon hear about alot of stars with AIDS...


This book was awful and not because she didn't dish dirt, moreover because essentially all she did was go on and on about being a best selling "author" (pure luck)her material possessions and LA "lifestyle". That might be a big deal to some but heck, I live in LA, have a lifestyle and possessions very similar to her and BIG DEAL! The book just has no substance, doesn't hold your interest,and is pointless other than for her own personal therapy perhaps. She has about 7 of her 15 minutes left! She should have kept this as diaries are supposed to be PRIVATE!!! Ugh


you said in your first book that you met a man name "papa" , whom you said you would not reveal his name in book I , yet in book II you not only revealed who he was but admitted you slept with him while pretending to be so in love with Bill Mayer , "papa' was Method Man. You are just a "player " who's playing yourself. That McCreary guy is fool if he marries you...............


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