Justin Timberlake: Winning Awards, Hating The Hills

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Justin Timberlake? Not a fan of celebrity gossip. Or reality TV, for that matter!

His feelings on the subject became very apparent during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, when he accepted the award for Best Male Artist by lambasting MTV for its choice of programming.

Lauren Conrad and New Boyfriend?

Specifically, he implored MTV to ditch reality TV and play more videos.

The girls from The Hills â€" Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port â€" were to present Timberlake with Male Artist of the Year honors.

But after Lauren Conrad announced him as the winner, things got weird.

A fourth female mysteriously showed up on stage to join The Hills girls to hand the hardware to Timbaland, who in turn gave it to Justin. Timberlake did not make any eye contact or thank any of The Hills girls. Deliberately.

"Play more damn music videos. We don't want to see the Simpsons on reality television," said Timberlake upon accepting the award, referring to lame sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. "Play more videos."

And then when accepting the award for the Quadruple Threat Award, Justin Timberlake reiterated, "I want to challenge MTV to play more videos!"

He makes a point. And this wasn't the only award show that had Justin at center stage of late. He recently won an Emmy with Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg in the Creative Arts category for their hilarious short film, "D!ck in a Box."

In Andy's acceptance speech (Timberlake was not present), he joked, "I think it's safe to say that when we first set out to make this, we were all thinking 'Emmy!'"

Andy Samberg dedicated the award to a real "up and comer" - his "D!ck in a Box" creative partner, saying Justin Timberlake's "clearly very talented and could use a break. So, Justin, if you're out there, congrats to you, kid."


Shows like the Hills KILLED MTV...


Haters are gonna hate...


y'know what? i'm sick and tired of freaking nobodies becoming famous due to reality tv! sure, some reality shows are ok, like america's next top model or games show. BUT FREAKIN' TV SHOWS WHERE THEY SHOWS SKANKY ASS TEENAGE GIRLS AND DUMB HORNY BOYS IS FUNKING STUPID. lauren has no talent.. not even fashionably, that's what she wants to be right? a fashion designer? first off all, she has no orgionality.
i've seen the clothes she makes on tons of celebrities already!
she's just copying.. AND... she can't make a dress for herself that fits her well. her dress that she made on the vmas would be something i'd wear to go to sleep. I WOULDN'T GO ANYWHERE OUT WITH THAT HIDEOUS DRESS. and she doesn't know what make up fits her skin tone. yes, she has a make up artist and all. BUT SHE HAS A MOUTH. SHE CAN SPEAK UP. goddammit. freaking dumb ass girl.


Justin Timberlake is a faggit ass mouseketeer. He should go on shakin' his dick for the other members of his boy band and leave the producing to MTV!!


Justin Timberlake is a faggit ass mouseketeer. He should go on shakin' his dick for the other members of his boy band and leave the producing to MTV.


Justin is the most spoiled and complainingist (i know thats not a word, but i think it fits him) star behind Kanye West. Why would you make a crack at the people who giving you your award, right in front of them? Hes always running his mouth about somebody. He has gotten too big for his britches!!


That is plain rude. He definitely does not have any good upbringing. First he flaked on Janet Jackson saying that he had nothing to do with that incident during the super bowl and now he cannot even be decent enough to be cordial to the ones presenting him the award. He is showing a bad moral example to young kids. That is no wonder that there are more and more kids with rude behaviors. Justin you should be ashame of yourself. Even if you wanted to make a point, you should at least show some form of etiquette.

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