John Moynahan: One Sad, Adorable Celebrity Baby

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Just five weeks old, John Edward Thomas Moynahan appeared at a restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif., with MILF his mother, Bridget Moynahan.

Despite being one of the newest, and cutest, celebrity babies around, l'il John looks very sad for some reason. Some possible theories:

Bridget Moynahan Nude
  • He's upset that his father, Tom Brady, isn't around
  • He's distraught that despite the Patriots' 3-0 start, their play has been overshadowed by CameraGate and Rodney Harrison's HGH use
  • He's miffed that Sean Preston and Jayden James get all the attention
  • He's a month old and simply cries a lot

Whatever the reason, here's mom and adorable celebrity baby ...

John Edward Thomas Moynahan accompanies mama Bridget to lunch at the swanky Bel Air Bay Club. Cheer up, J.E.T. Mom will get a new acting job soon!


. She's not trying to take away what he has with his methor. She just loves this boy who is a part of the man she married. I love our boys but I also have a great relationship with their mom. She has said from day one, that if I didn't love the boys as my own, she wouldn't want me to be a part of their life at all. She and I both understand that she is their methor, but being married to their father, also makes me their mom . And it goes the same way for her new husband the boys have 2 sets of parents that love them unconditionally!It's a tricky situation, and an argument could be made for both sides. But I'd hope that his methor appreciates that her son's stepmom DOES love him, and doesn't treat the child badly. If she had said she hated the little boy, everyone would be up in arms about that too . it's a catch 22 .


too bad Mom can't act. but thank goodness she has babygate to keep her name in the tabloids.


I think he is sad that Mommy is still so bitter and posed with him unwillingly on OK! Wow, that was a low classless move. John obviously wants to come to Boston to live with is Daddy and his super sexy step Mommy to be Gisele. Yeah, he wants a change of location.


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