Is Zac Efron Making His Move on Nikki Blonsky?

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Could Zac Efron be ashamed of Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures?

So much so that he's making a move on Hairspray co-star Nikki Blonsky?

We can't say for sure, but this photo doesn't look so innocent, does it?

Meanwhile, Efron said the following to Australia's Herald Sun about his newfound fame:

"I've lived on both sides of the tracks. My whole life was sans screaming girls. I didn't have that growing up. It was, if anything, the opposite, so I can sense that this is here for now and could very well be gone tomorrow. Definitely take every scream with a grain of salt."

And every Vanessa Hudgens naked photo, too.

Think we'll see Blonsky in the buff soon? Or maybe Ashley Tisdale?


oh come on. It's obvious Zac and Vanessa are close. Yes, Zac and Nikki are cute and seem to connect, but don't diss Zanessa when you probably don't follow them anyways. As long as Zac is happy, then I`m fine w/ who he dates.


Charm, I agree that all the shipping could be based on nothing but what is really bugging me is how some people are talking about Nikki just because she and Zac *seem* really close. It's unfair and I really don't think she's done anything to deserve it.


additionally, since the common denominator in all these "shipping" business is Zac... why don't we take a minute and REALLY truly examine Zac. Do we know when he shuts the "showbiz persona" or "professional facade"? Is the "connection" we are seeing is with Zac the person or Zac the professional actor? Only a handful knows for sure. Which one he can't truly live without, the one that makes him all sappy and romantic, he sings to them?...when all is said and done, when he's not promoting a show and be a "persona", when he thinks no one is looking or when he doesn't notice the camera, when he's sitting down for breakfast at Patty's or eating pizza in his favorite pizza place in SLO - whose hands does he want to hold? Fighting amongst each other is futile since you all just have what Zac is giving you to go by..


Oh god...all the crazy Zanessa shippers are going to turn on Nikki....grrrr They better not let me catch tongue is so sharp it should be registered as a dangerous weapon. Ship Zanessa if you really really must but ffs leave Nikki alone, she's done nothing to deserve all the mean comments she gets from stupid immature and shallow people. If you want to attack Nikki...and I dare you to try...really, it'll be'll have to go through me first!


When it comes to his personal life or how he truly feels about someone, Zac makes it a point to not show it to the public-most definitely not on camera. So what we see or hear him say regarding anyone to any media outlet should be taken with a grain of salt. Take my comment how even you like, Zashley, Zanessa or Zikki supporters. You know exactly what I'm talking about. If not wait until he starts "hanging out" with whomever he's paired up with in Seventeen.


I know he is dating Vanessa but he never appears to be that close with her. Zac and Nikki have such wonderful banter and are always flirting. I think people see this and feel threatened by it. And yes if Zac and Vanessa do break up it'll have more to do with her and the media. And I can only imagine the reaction some would have to a break up.


Well said Jules...and people call Zikki shippers delusional...


I agree with both Rebecca and Nonna. Grow up child. Nikki is not the threat, Vanessa is. So I suggest paying a bit more attention to reality and not the fairytale you wish "Zanessa" was.


Well said Rebecca! *applauds* I think people making these type of ignorant comments are just threatened by the closeness that Zac and Nikki share.


Cheyenne...I'm guessing you're a thirteen year old Zanessa shipper who has more HSM merchandise than sense...Nikki is Zac's best friend, if anybody is ruining Zac and Vanessa's relationship it's Vanessa and the media. Nikki comes across as nothing but genuinely nice in interviews and you calling her names like 'bitch' and 'whore'...I corrected your spelling by the way...and 'fat ass' is more of a reflection on you than it is on Nikki. Grow up and pay more attention in special ed.

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