Is Zac Efron Making His Move on Nikki Blonsky?

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Could Zac Efron be ashamed of Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures?

So much so that he's making a move on Hairspray co-star Nikki Blonsky?

We can't say for sure, but this photo doesn't look so innocent, does it?

Meanwhile, Efron said the following to Australia's Herald Sun about his newfound fame:

"I've lived on both sides of the tracks. My whole life was sans screaming girls. I didn't have that growing up. It was, if anything, the opposite, so I can sense that this is here for now and could very well be gone tomorrow. Definitely take every scream with a grain of salt."

And every Vanessa Hudgens naked photo, too.

Think we'll see Blonsky in the buff soon? Or maybe Ashley Tisdale?


Okay w.e Zac can be with who ever he wnts its his life so let him live it guys XX..becky..XX


I really don't think the guy is all that good looking, and like duh zanessa(studip name) would not last forever. Please hollywood calls anything love just to attract the public.I think Zack is an opportunist(maybe i could be wrong) but come on he would do anything to have his career skyrocket. fans thought brit brit and justin would have lasted forever and now they hate each other, everything is temporary in hollywood. zack and vanessa will both move on date other ppl and live their own celebrity messed up life. Oh and how shallow can one get when they say they r a match made in heaven and they would last forever, stupid pre-teen idiots, they think eveything is so pefect in fairy enchanted dreams come through world. Od grow up Puhhhhhhhhh lease.


omg stop blaming Nikki, Zac Efron can date hu he wants and its not up 2 anybody else so the only people that are getten in his way are the people that are saying hes wrong for going with nikki cause its not any of their buisness you shouldnt not like him just cause he may or may not be with vanessa thats hes personal life


Everyone is blaming nikki just cuz they are zanessa fans, Nikki is an amazing and honest girl with a big personality. She would never sell herself short like Vanassa did. & ya, ppl do make mistakes but the saying is: " once a bad girl, always a bad girl." I think Zac should break off the relationship witH Vanessa. Am i the only one who is thinking Zac flirts with every girl he co-stars with. Whom ever he is paired up with in "footloose", i can bet ya that they r gnna be as close as Zac and Nikki. In the mean time, i totally support Zikki, only because they light each other up, onsreen and offscreen.


i agree with the Zikki fans, it would be lovely to see these 2 get together as it will give hope to all the average girls out there, not saying vanessa isn't average but she is a very pretty girl, where as with zac and nikki there on different levels in appearence go for it ZIKKI your great :D! xx


i totally do not agree with what you guys are sayiing. you're supporting zac and nikki to be together. they don't match each other. Physically. you guys are actually supporting her than vanessa? what kind of backstabber are you?! tsk tsk, you all shouldn't ruin zanessa cos they're a couple made in HEAVEN. haven't you heard of people making mistakes? this is vanessa's nude photo is a big mistake that she will regret now.
puh-lease don't tell me you guys haven't made mistakes before? Vanessa deserves a second chance and ZAC WILL NOT... I REPEAT... WILL NOT DUMP VANESSA ANNE HUDGENS FOR A STUPID NUDE PHOTO ON THE NET. or nikki.


I absolutely agree with you Kerry. She does bring out the very best side of Zac. You see them in interviews and its just so different then any Ive seen before, even when he's alone. She just is able to make him feel himself and totally comftorble. Its great to see that. Its great to see him smile so wide and be so happy with her. He obviously adores her. Go Zikki indeed:)




In the interviews if have seen with Zac and Nikki ithink Nikki brings out the real Zac, i heard him say and i qoute "I am not into the super SKINNY girls it is too hollywood." if you don't believe me go onto youtube keywords Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky and click on e exented talk.


Zac and Vanessa are still connected. I have faith in them. There's really no need to defend them. You'll see.

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