Is Britney Spears' "Baby Boy" a Rip-Off?

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One of the songs - in fact, the first - leaked to Perez Hilton from Britney Spears' new album is causing a little bit of controversy.

And the discussion isn't centered around how bad Spears' singing is on "Baby Boy," the ridiculous, nasally slow jam making the online rounds.

Britney Gets Toys for Tots

It's whether Britney Spears or someone in the struggling singer's camp / management team ripped the song off somebody else.

Kim Ross, a pop/soul singer from New York City has a song called "Beautiful Lies" - which she claims was written almost two years ago. She published it on her MySpace page (click to listen) in April.

You'll notice it sounds strikingly like Britney's "Baby Boy" if not nearly identical. Below is an unofficial, fan-made video featuring Britney's version of the song (meshed with some unrelated, hot pics of Spears from the olden days).


What do you think? Did Britney Spears gank the track?

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britneys singing isnt bad on the song "baby boy" at all,its rather good,natural and unedited! x


Maybe this is moderated to cover something up????? LOL


I also realize it's a semi-tone off, but it's the same instruments! Why doesn't my larger comment show?


Normally I like Britney...but I have to say she did no justice to Kim Ross' song.