I'm Shar Jackson, Bitch

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She is, indeed, the great Shar Jackson. Bitches!

The shirt speaks for itself. The only question is what Shar means to imply with this particular wardrobe choice. It's either:

Shar on the Red Carpet
  • A play on "It's Britney, bitch," the opening line of Britney Spears' new single, "Gimme More"
  • A tribute to Dave Chapelle
  • A cheap ploy for attention

Regardless, celebrity photo agencies cameras Shar Jackson wearing the simple and declarative t-shirt at the Rolling Stone Star Lounge Beauty, Style & Gifting Suite this past weekend.

If Shar Jackson, who has two children by Kevin Federline and four in all, were really trying to take a shot at Britney, well, the least she could is get the words right. Right?

If it's just a dumb t-shirt, well, carry on, Shar. Carry on.


I'm so glad you said that Christine...because that was my thought exactly...If she meant to be getting back at Britney...it most definitely would have said "It's Shar, bitch"...DUH!


STOP THE HATRED..........Don't hate cause Shar doing her thing. Its not her fault BSpear, is the way she is. And if they hate, then let um hate, n watch the $$$ pile up.


I am pretty sure she is referring to the comment that the late great Rick James said.. " I'm Rick James Bitch".. And Shar J.. No need to to introduce yo'self.. Just let it Blow Bitches... LOL


Dumbass Shar made yall idiots EAT your words Hahaha, BITCH!


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