Heidi Montag: Lauren is Obsessed, Called My Mom

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To think we used to make a big deal out of the feud between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari. While the Laguna Beach hotties clearly didn't care for each other in high school, that was nothing compared to this drama.

No, the bitch-fighting and rumors surrounding Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, her ex-roommate and ex-BFF, reaches new heights by the day.

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The latest rumor, courtesy of Cosmo Girl: A bitter Lauren Conrad make a call... to Heidi's parents. Heidi claims that LC tried to sabotage her budding relationship with Spencer Pratt - and went to absurd lengths to do it.

Lauren Conrad vs. Heidi Montag: The saga continues ...

"They don't show the footage of how Lauren was obsessed with Spencer... or how she called my mom in Colorado and told her I was involved in an abusive relationship," Heidi Montag says in the October issue of the magazine.

A source tells Us Weekly that Montag "found out about LC's call to her folks from her sister Holly" last spring â€" shortly after rumors of a Lauren Conrad sex tape rumors with Jason Wahler (which Montag was accused of starting) emerged.

Was LC out for revenge? Or just acting like a mother hen in regards to her friend? Responds a Lauren Conrad friend, "That's completely ridiculous."

We'd have to agree. Almost as ridiculous as how little Whitney Port is on the show. Come on, MTV! More Whitney scenes! And play more videos.


As a Domestic Violence advocate, I am shocked to see that no one will call Spencer's relationship with Heidi what it is: abusive. Spencer chooses to use power and control over Heidi in a variety of ways: he isolates her from her friends and family, threatens to cheat or leave the relationship when Heidi won't do what he wants, is verbally condescending, sabotages her job and keeps her constantly wondering what kind of a mood he is going to be in by passive aggressive looks, words and actions. Heidi's sister and mother are right, she is changing and having to compromise a lot for her relationship. I hope that more people in Heidi's life continue to reflect the affect Spencer is having on her. She deserves much more, everyone does.


Spencer has to be the creepiest, weirdest slimeball I have ever seen on TV. What kind of man pays so much negative attention to a female? It seems like HE's the one that's obsessed with Lauren. He is extremely possessive and coniving....eventually the truth will come out to Heidi and she will see what a total idiot she was.
And I wouldn't be surpised if Spencer hits Heidi. He has all the signs of an abusive partner: 1)He tries to keep her away from any friends that are too close to her.
2)He is extremely dominant
3)I've caught him giving her really serious, dominating looks in some episodes.
4)He seems very possessive
5)He almost forced her to move in with him ...if Lauren did call Heidi's mom to tell her that Heidi was in an abusive relationship, she probably all and more warning signs than what I have seen as a viewer. I mean, she lived w/ the girl and all. Spencer is a CREEP!!!


I cannot stand Heidi and Spencer. I cannot believe that Heidi is taking it this far. She is the one who screwed up the relationship with Lauren to begin with and now she is dragging it out and making stuff up about Lauren and all. When I read the CosmoGirl she was on the cover of (which I didn't get at all why they put her there) Spencer was like what you don't know is me and Whitney are actually like best friends. okay Spencer whatever. One thing that was true, they are the same and they do deserve each other. He's a creep and she's a liar.




First, TOTALLY agree with Sheila above! Secondly, I'd have done the same thing for a friend if she was dating a whack job like Spencer! Heidi should be more grateful that she had a friend who actually cared that much about her, instead of calling her names and spreading rumors. Thirdly, y'all have not discussed how in the world did Heidi get that job on the latest episode? Did she sleep with her boss? Did MTV pay them to do it for the drama? Because NO WAY is she qualified or deserving of that!


I think it is the other way around, I think Heidi and Spencer are the ones who are obsessed with Lauren as they keep bringing her up. They constantly talk about her and there seems to be nothing coming from the Lauren camp. Spedie seems to be going around radio and tv stations bashing Lauren. Why? because if they do so, they know that they can create a stirr and still have their 2 minute of fame. Heidi is just plain selfish.


Dear Hollywood Gossip, I'm a little disappointed in you. You haven't found out anything about Spencer and Heidi and the VMAs. Did they go to the VMAs or are they forever blocked from all MTV events? You have to find out for me!

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