Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia: Heroes in Love?

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Look away, Stephen Colletti.

Just a few days after the Laguna Beach alum had his heart broken by Hayden Panettiere, a possibly revealing picture of the Heroes actress and her co-star has popped up.

Tattooed Hayden

Based purely on this photograph, Hayden looks quite chummy with Milo Ventimiglia, doesn't she? The pair may be related on Heroes... but they may be relating between the sheets in real life. If you know what we mean!

It's okay. We can make that joke now because Hayden is 18.

Pssst: I'll show you my super power if you show me yours.


but when they came back from the World Tour, they grabbed lunch and a few days later, it was confirmed that Stephen & Hayden are not together anymore. coincidence?


I would love this if it was true!


Hmmmm Hayden calls him a Sweetheart on Interview at VMA and she knows everything bout Milo like "he doesn't eat meat,doesnt drink,doesnt smoke bla bla bla" some words that she said bout him,are the exact words that Milo said to Men's Fitness sooo yeah hahaha Love this "Couple" tho^^ HaLo


this pic is nothing..you have to see some others always from the world tour..they look in love,now that she dumped Stephen i'm sure they are going to get togheter...nice couple..


That picture was taken during their world tour in Europe and has been floating around the net for at least a week now. I don't believe there's anything between them other than friendship, she's very touchy-feely with all the male cast members on the show. I saw a picture of her kissing Jack Coleman (HRG) the other day and based on the angle and moment it was taken at, it looked much worse than I'm sure it really was.


She would be one lucky girl if she was dating him......I ♥ Milo Ventimiglia!!

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