Happy Birthday, New Lauren Conrad Fashion Line (and Heidi Montag)!

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Today is Heidi Montag's birthday. Woo.

But in far more important news, Saturday, September 15, is also the official launch date for Lauren Conrad's new clothing line!


Is LC upstaging Heidi's big 2-1 by unveiling her long-awaited fashion line? Or is it a coincidence? Probably. But still pretty business savvy, intended or not!

Hey, maybe Spencer Pratt can make Heidi Montag feel better by ordering one of Lauren's custom-designed dresses. He can lie and say he bought it at the most upscale boutique in Beverly Hills for 10 times what he actually paid. Then we can watch all this unfold on The Hills in a few months! It's perfect!

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag: Always connected!

The trendy new clothing line is currently offered only via the web. LC's creativity knows no boundaries - the line is called (wait for it) (drum roll, please) ...

"Lauren Conrad."

How appropriate. CLICK HERE to check what LC designed and is selling. Then share your thoughts on it via comments or in our exclusive Hills forum!


lauren,your my idol lol i copy all my styles from you may sound funny but i love your style i fit in with your clothing down here in florida as if i was walking around l.a.
heidi ummm no.....
lol but yeaa your clothing
line is adorable & the hills is a awsome show.
i know you have alot going on prob staying busyy but you keep everything up trust me people that are saying all these cruel things dont kno anything alrighty idk if this even getsto u but im just gonna put it out there so people may scam across & read it okay well that sums it up(:


Heidi looks terrible. Whatever she had done on her mouth looks bad and the breast job isn't flattering to her. And Spencer talks as though he has a mouth full of something. Perfect for each other!!


i love Lauren and i love your clothing line and love watching on the hills


Lauren, I am so proud of you as a person. I have watched you on Laguna Beach and of course when you left for The Hills, I left too! ;-) I wish you tons of success (which I see you already have) and may good things continue to blossom in your life. And Im loving the clothing line!


Lauren, You have it ALL, class, brains, personality and style....Love your new line! Stay as you are, you are a step above the rest!


Heidi, you have SO much more to be insecure about besides your chest and nose!! Your relationship should be top on the list, the fact that you have lost your friends, backstabbed your way to a promotion, and you have no personality. But oh heck, you have Spencer, you got the whole package...NOT


Love your clothes so far can't wait for you to come out with more.


Check out Dieter Scmitz's comments about Heidi from Laguna Beach days on his my space...seems she hooked up with everybody, including him...


We saw Heidi and Spencer today by the pool at Caeser's Palace. I am not a HUGE fan of her, but she looked GORGEOUS. He, however, is a tool.

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