Father of Chris Benoit: Concussions Led to Killings

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The father of late WWE star Chris Benoit says that it might have been the effect of multiple concussions, as opposed to steroids, that drove his son to kill family and himself.

Michael Benoit told Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America today that he turned over part of his son's brain to Julian Bailes, a neurologist at the Sports Legacy Institute.

Tissue analysis, said Bailes, revealed that Benoit's brain tissue had damage similar to those of Alzheimer's patients, suggesting that he was suffering from a form of dementia.

Benoit's dad told Sawyer that his son suffered "multiple concussions," while Dr. Bailes said that just three could lead to serious consequences.

Whatever the case, said Michael Benoit:

"The person that did this is not the man we know and love."


I would have to agree with Katherine.Everyone who knew Chris,knew him as a good person and a loving father and devoted husband.I find it hard to believe that he has had a different side to him all his life,being a monster like so many say.Goes to show how fragile we really are.


Its Just sad that WWE won't take responsibility for the brain damage in result of the multiple concussions. I happen to agree with his dad. I waited in line for his autograph and seemed pretty nice and thanked me for coming out so. I plan to rember the good side of him .The grate wrestling side.


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