Erica Durance: A Maxim Cover Girl

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Lois Lane is growing up in front of our eyes.

Erica Durance, the star of Smallville, is this month's Maxim cover girl. It's quite a step up for the young actress, who was scarcely known a few years ago.

But she's made a name for herself on this popular series, which actually requires acting and talent on her part.

As opposed to Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge, both of whom will be appearing within the pages of this publication simply for... existing.

If Erica Durance really wants to make it big, she'll follow the lead of Megan Fox nude pics in Maxim. Just take it all off.


Erica Durance is gorgeous. My husband loves her on Smallville. I think i will get him this magazine when I comes out. She is the best character on the show. As for The Hills girls. Ya.... Lauren may have a clothing line comimg out but you know she wouldn't have these oppurtunities if it wasn't for MTV. Same for Heidi, a girl who is 20 getting a promotion and a job that she has. Doesn't happen to anybody that young.


P.S. If Lauren & Audrina are so not deserving of fame why write a blog about their show EVERY WEEK?


Lauren isnt just another girl getting famous from a reality show (well thats all shes known for) but she is also doing something with her life. SHe is going to school, has an internship at Vogue, is a spokes person for MARK make-up line, is the star OF HER OWN reality show AND has her own clothing line. You really need to think about what you say....It kind of comes off as your Jeaous =) I would be to if Writing about rich, famous people is what I called my job.


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