David Beckham Tests Ankle, Evades Celebrity News Peeps

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As wife Victoria showcases her giant boobs fashion in Japan, David Beckham uses some of his supposed soccer skills and agility in an attempt to dodge members of the paparazzi while out shopping in West Hollywood on Monday.

Becks at the TCAs

Bend it like Beckham ... in and out of fancy stores.

It's good to see David Beckham out and about, and testing that pesky ankle injury that has kept him on the bench for almost all of the games the L.A. Galaxy has played since the franchise began paying him $50 million a year.

What's not as good to see is the metrosexual's shopping at the high-end boutiques frequented by the likes of the Hollywood elite. It's a little hard to take an athlete very seriously when this is the most strenuous workout you see from him.

But hey, at least he's got underwear on when he's being tailed by the celebrity gossip media, so right away he's got a leg up on Britney Spears.


The problem with the video?Muse (undisclosed Desires), Michael Jackson (history), Victoria Beckham (Not such an inonnect girl), Lady Gaga (Bad Romance) and Glee have done it all before, and Ib4m a little afraid to say, theyb4ve done it better, not so over the top like that.Itb4s not a bad video, though