Dannielynn Turns One, Larry Birkhead Speaks Out

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Congratulations to Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead! The beautiful tyke turned a year old over the weekend.

In honor of the occasion, Lara Spencer - pictured here with the proud father and birthday honoree - of celebrity gossip show The Insider spoke with Larry Birkhead:

On what he'd say to Anna Nicole Smith about Dannielynn:
"I would say, 'I hope you're proud of the way she's growing up and getting big.'"

On what he hopes to give Dannielynn for her first birthday:
"Give her another happy day in life. I know she's not going to understand everything that's going on but just something that she can say one day, 'Wow, what a cool party, what a cool dad!'"

On if Dannielynn is starting to talk:
"We've heard her say "da-da" a few times."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Rumor has it Jayden James Federline has said the same thing, followed by the words: "rescue me!"

On keeping her mother and brother's memories alive:
"I show her pictures all the time and I say, 'This is your mommy and this is your brother Daniel.' We talk about them all the time."

On whether she resembles her late brother Daniel:
"Yeah, sometimes. Especially when she gets out of the bath and her hair is parted to the side like a little boy, she looks a lot like Daniel."

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I only watch what Larry Birkhead and Howard Stern say about themselves and how Dannielynn. Sometimes the media picks up sound bites and demonizes peope without knowing them. I do hope that Larry Birkhead, Howard Stern and Dannielynn is too young, knows that there are those out there who are for them! I love you Dannielynn!


I kept up on all about Larry and Dannielynn,I also wish her the very best of the coming year.She is the most Beautiful's little girl I have seen,that is why Larry is so proud of her??Please let Howard be a part of her life,He loves her too,He has been thru a lot of a loss,If people can see it??From A Lady From Ky.


How is little Dannielynn? I hope her father let's us know how she is growing up. She is such a sweet baby and I remember her brother Danny was such a sweet little kid!


Dannielynn is such a beautiful child. My wish for her is that she grown up with as much normalcy as possible and know that she was much loved by her Mom and brother.


I sincerely hope that LB loves this little girl as much as he says he does, but from where I sit, it seems a lot more like he loves the money he "earns" by selling pix of her...


Happy Birthday Danniellyn! Congratulations on being One Year Old! You have a terrific father and I loved your mother too! Your brother Danny was a neat kid! I'm originally from Southeastern, Ky. Cleta