Daniel Radcliffe Brushes Off Nudity, Puns

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Long before anyone cared about Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures, critics were shocked that Daniel Radcliffe would bare it all in the play Equus.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, though, the Harry Potter star says nudity is no big deal for him anymore. We hope Eva Longoria soon takes the same attitude.

Harry Potter Premiere Pic

AP: So what's all this about you doing Equus on Broadway?
Radcliffe: Yeah, absolutely, hopefully. It's not absolutely certain yet, as nothing ever is, but yeah, that's definitely the plan. I'll be starting Harry Potter 6 and then that will go to the year 2040, and then after a few months â€" there's probably going to be a few months' gap in between that â€" and then Equus on Broadway. It should start late next year.

AP: Is it cold on that stage?
Radcliffe: (Smiles) Yes, it's very well air-conditioned.

AP: There's shrinkage?
Radcliffe: (Smiles again) There is an element of retraction, certainly.

AP: After the first time, I'm guessing, you get over this a bit.
Radcliffe: Oh yeah, you don't care. I don't care â€" I've done it 128 times [or the same number of times Britney Spears crotch shots have popped up].

AP: But everybody else cared and everybody else freaked out when you first got naked.
Radcliffe: It was hilarious.

AP: Why is that, do you think?
Radcliffe: 'Cause, I don't know, maybe they want me to be Peter Pan and stay young forever, some people.

AP: And tabloids have fun with puns, of course.
Radcliffe: They want puns, yeah, you can have lots of fun with them.

Let's try one now: Daniel Radcliffe? More like Daniel Naked-cliffe!


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