Craig Schelske Asks: Who Has Seen Sara Evans Nude?

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We know Zac Efron has seen Vanessa Hudgens naked.

And new reports are surfacing that Drake Bell may also have seen the goods.

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Perhaps with all that in mind, Craig Schelske is requiring his ex-wife, Sara Evans, to come clean about the guys she's recently slept with.

Schelske filed court papers asking whether the country singer was romantically involved with nearly a dozen people, including country singer Kenny Chesney, Richard Marx and her former Dancing With the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani.

TMZ says the 118-page document was was filed as part of Evans' ugly, bitter divorce from Schelske. It asks Evans to state under oath whether or not she admits to "an affair/sexual relationship/romantic involvement" with Chesney, Marx, Dovolani or any member of the band Three Doors Down.

Come on now. Let's hope Sara has better taste than that.

This couple has been on the path to divorce since a very public blowup between the two in a Los Angeles restaurant in October 2006; Evans allegedly found hundreds of photos on Schelske's home computer showing him making like Vanessa Hudgens nude and engaging in sex with other women.

She also claims he had an affair with the family nanny, Jude Law-style.


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