Corbin Bleu is Clothed, In for High School Musical 3

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Corbin Bleu is nothing like Vanessa Hudgens.

We haven't seen this actor naked - plus, he's pretty much guaranteed to star in High School Musical 3. Just don't expect to see him at the movie's premiere.

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"I've never been to a High School Musical premiere �" ever," Bleu confessed to People magazine.

"The first one I was working on Jump In (A Disney Channel movie). I couldn't go to the DVD premiere. I was on tour for the [HSM2] Disneyland premiere, I couldn't go to London for the International premiere. I'm cursed."

Bleu won't fully commit to the third installment of the franchise yet, admitting he and his co-stars are still negotiating. But Corbin sounds as enthusiastic as Zac Efron, assuming the project is well-written.

"Truthfully as long as it's a good script and as long as everybody is being paid fairly, I would be more than happy to go and have one last hurrah," the actor said.

Overall, success has not gone to the mop-topped head of Bleu. He sounds like the anti-Kanye West to us.

"When I'm home, I'm just Corbin," says Bleu, who recently wrapped a 44-city live summer concert tour promoting his solo CD, Another Side.

Later today, Bleu begins filming on Hannah Montana, where he'll guest star for one episode.


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