Confirmed: The Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo

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Here it is, folks: the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo that the High School Musical star herself has owned up to.

Because we serve the needs of the celebrity gossip world, our staff has tracked down the sex photo in question.

There's no doubt Zac Efron is a lucky man, but we still feel bad for Zanessa. The pair ain't exactly Hollywood's young, innocent couple any longer.

Take a look at Vanessa Hudgens naked:

So Sorry

Will this change the image of Vanessa and Zac forever? And will Ashley Tisdale nude pics hit the Internet next in order for Hudgens' co-star and rumored rival to keep pace?

Let us know your thoughts.

** UPDATE: She did it again! Though lawyers forced us to remove the images, it's been confirmed that a NEW set of Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures surfaced in August 2009. Sheesh!


I honestly have no idea why I am commenting here, or why I have an interest in Vanessa Hudgens. I have never seen any of those High School Musical Movies. Anyway, I have seen an numerous amount of people ask "What if it was you". Well, I would not be in that position in the first place. One mistake may not be enough to ruin your life but it can infact ruin your career. I understand (from all the comments I read) that she did not intend for this photo to be viewed by the public, but with stardom comes a large fanbase, you take an indescent photo and send it via internet you are bound to run into trouble. She should have thought before she acted. My opinion, don't know why I even have one :\.


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Vanessa Hudgens is a singer/actress who is best known for her work in High School Musical. Of course, a naked picture scandal didn't... More »
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Vanessa Anne Hudgens

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You know, we’re here to talk about the movie.

Vanessa Hudgens [as a press conference for High School Musical 3, asked about Miley Cyrus photos]

Just recently I've learned to be okay with myself without wearing makeup. I think it was a special someone telling me that I didn't need it. I started taking care of my skin and realized I didn't need as much as I thought I did.

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