Clash of the Cleavage: Lindsay Lohan vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Sorry, guys.

We know you're dying to see Lindsay Lohan nude or Jennifer Love Hewitt nude, but we're here to provide you with the next best thing:

A glimpse at the boobs of these mediocre actresses.

Once you've voted in our previous Clash of the Cleavage - pitting Megan Fox against Tara Reid, in all her drunken, plastic glory - let us know which pair of knockers below you'd prefer to take a handful of.

Don't worry. There's no wrong answer. Just a sexy one.


If one is of a "New" Hollywood
bad habits,no bad attitude...look no further
than Jennifer Love Hewitt. Don't bother with trashy people such as Lindsay
Lohan and Britney Spears!


LOL@emily I know what you mean, why does she still exist? why not just let Paris slash your throat. She wants to do it and she'll get out for good behavior after 38 minutes or go to rehab for razor addiction???


where can I mail the razor blades to Lindsay? I hope she gets it right this time. The rest can be used by her DAD, MOM and ALL her annoying narcissist friends.


Jennifer is way hotter then Lindsey, why try and compare to Jennifer, these two women are on two seperate levels. Please stop trying to compare women to little girls

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