Chris Brown: Me and Rihanna are Mad Tight

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While Britney Spears was melting down at the MTV Music Video Awards, some artists who take their work seriously were using the occasion to shine.

Exhibits A & B: Chris Brown and Rihanna. When you leave Justin Timberlake speechless with your dance moves and routine, you're on the right track!

And it turns out that Brown, whose "Umbrella" collaboration with Rihanna has become a hit, might be looking to establish a different partnership with her.

The 18-year-old R&B singer told Us Weekly that he's known sexy Rihanna, 19, for years, and that she's "awesome" and that "they are tight" and that he might have "flirted a little bit" with her at the MTV VMAs.

When pressed for more information, though, Chris Brown, who, in his own words, is "single and always ready to mingle," clarified, "[Rihanna and I] are just friends. Great friends. We haven't taken it to that next level... yet."

Just give it time. These stars are poised to get together on and off the stage... like the R&B equivalent of Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia.


Ok 1st of all chris is mi #1 boo and rihanna is just borrowing him dats ok because dats mi man she can play with him for know but I can get him back just like dat.... you a simple ho like wat dat ish do man he just dont know he can have ne girl he wants he choses tha man why I got mac make up bobby brown lip gloss and natrul hair dats bomby not like dat female love pixEE alSo kNoW aS trina lil cuzzo hit me up on tha space or aim


Chris and Rihanna make a wonderful couple so whoever dont like like it can go to hell


they dont have a sweet couple


chris iz al mine so Rihanna n al these gurl need to stop tripin'!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv, ashley


you said that u was not going to upset your fans like that


chris ur lik paris hilton hotttttt!!!!!!!! lolzzzzzz
luv ur 1 n only evie


hey chris brown i am your number one fan
and you are so sexy


rihanna needs 2 get off of my husband!! if they get 2gether imma have a fit!! hes my husband and not frikken rihannas!! (rihanna i love ur music but stay of my husband!!) hehehe!! =P


chris brown is the FINEST man alive and all u haters need 2 go get a life and stop hating on my husband becuz hes mine and evryone dat loves him 2 bad 4 u bcuz hes already married 2 me so hahahahahahahahahahahaha! sux 4 ya'll!! luv ya lots chris!! xoxoxoxoxo!!


listen to ur selfs gurls let the cute boi live his life the way he wants to.Plus who r we to decide for him yeh he is so fiinee and good lookin in all ways ,i bet that all you gurls aree too young for him and plz ya know he likes her and he cant help him self she is pretty.soleave chris to decide for him self.i lov yah babez

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