Chris Brown: Me and Rihanna are Mad Tight

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While Britney Spears was melting down at the MTV Music Video Awards, some artists who take their work seriously were using the occasion to shine.

Exhibits A & B: Chris Brown and Rihanna. When you leave Justin Timberlake speechless with your dance moves and routine, you're on the right track!

And it turns out that Brown, whose "Umbrella" collaboration with Rihanna has become a hit, might be looking to establish a different partnership with her.

The 18-year-old R&B singer told Us Weekly that he's known sexy Rihanna, 19, for years, and that she's "awesome" and that "they are tight" and that he might have "flirted a little bit" with her at the MTV VMAs.

When pressed for more information, though, Chris Brown, who, in his own words, is "single and always ready to mingle," clarified, "[Rihanna and I] are just friends. Great friends. We haven't taken it to that next level... yet."

Just give it time. These stars are poised to get together on and off the stage... like the R&B equivalent of Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia.

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you guys shut up he is rainna sooo :P hahahaha gezze fu


i love you rihanna and chirs too,i think they can have fun


My daughters love u so much,they wanted to get to now better.Chris Brown and Rihannia are the best to my
chrilden they even have your pictures everywhere on


chris is so damn SEXI so leave him alone haterz let him do his thang...


Could Some1 Please Tell Me If This Is Ture About Chris And Rihanna Plz Cuz I Don`t Understand It xo Chris Could U Tell Me On Msn Or Do You Not Have Msn? xo
Addy :


chris brown you are whats up right now


wow yall know that is fake because chris brown don't want her stanka botty hot messy face self


iiT iiS TRuE wat keisha iis sayiin cuz no 1 can chanqe deii busniise,=]
yah qot me blessiinqz 2 have fun. iin yah relashiinshiip


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