Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 39: Zac Efron, Ellen DeGeneres

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High School Musical fans may get angry over the following comparison between celebrities, but it's hard to argue with, isn't it?

While Zac Efron is best known for looking cuter than a puppy sitting atop a kitten, the same may also need to be said about talk show host Ellen DeGeneres now.

Dazed Zac Efron

The two stars have a similar haircut and smooth face. We can imagine Vanessa Hudgens going home with Ellen by accident one night... and DeGeneres not minding at all.

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Ellen Degenerous is goodlooking. Zac Efron is not.
So don't compare.




My son (28years old) looks a lot more like Zac Efron than that and he doesn't have to be made up. I'd put a picture here but I don't know how.


there nothing alike.. nothing.. maybe there both gay but beyond that theres nothing alike here... u suck


they don't even look alike!


omg i didnt see that it was ellen at the moment but she really looks like zac efron lol but the only thing is that zac is HOT !!! xxx from kkkkk!!!


That's not a guy, thats ellen


that is a sad way to put it. Zac, is soo sweet, but the other guy, GAY