Celebrity Gossip Denied: There's No Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape

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Vanessa Hudgens nude pics? Check!

A Vanessa Hudgens sex tape? Nothing but wishful, dirty thinking!

Teen Vogue Cover Gal

Celebrity gossip rumors have been swirling that say the naked High School Musical star did more than merely pose in the buff - she actually videotaped herself (and Zac Efron, we presume) having intercourse.

Supposedly, this Olivia Mojica impression is entitled "Open Me First," and was made "as a gag Christmas gift." Hudgens is reportedly standing in front of a Christmas tree, wearing a Santa hat, tiny Christmas gift tags for pasties, and a red, mistletoe-decorated thong.

Just one problem, though: the reports are false.

The source of these leaks is THEM Weekly... which is known for producing fake news. It's a "satirical website that presents news of fresh folly and disaster daily."

So there you have it, folks. You won't be seeing a Vanessa Hudgens sex tape or a Lauren Conrad sex tape in the near future. Deal with it.

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hey its their lives they can do what they want their not minors anymore they dont need people to tell them what to do just like us so leave them alone!!!!!!!!


Everyone does nude photos hello not a big deal!


hey zac your stupid ass hole and i see your brief has a poop @ www.zacunderwear.com


Well i used to love vanessa i think she is very beautiful...
sincereley, i don't really think diz is vanessa, i mean she does look like her, but i kno it is not her bitch ass....
but if it is her i think dat was very stupid of u to do because u just ruined ur whole career whore... don't be such a slut and just do ur movies and cd's!!!


pls kipe the your chast and vegina marge


if there is ba vidio of nessa and zac having intercouse i would love to see it to believe it and if they did guys give them sum space they only human they olso need their privicy just like we do and that got nuthing to do with anyone what they do when they alone or not on tv they human mah love you baby v


esa carita de angelita k tenia vanessa ya nadie te la va a creer xk con esa foto se te como una puta enserio eso es lo k as demostrado lo k eres con esta foto


i love you nessa i dont care what you did i think your awesome i would love to meet you


only V knows whether there is or not a sex tape ,but i believe there isnt =/
love u V


idon't get it, first they say there is a video tape in the web and then they say there isn't...i don't get it!!!!