Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Vanessa Hudgens vs. Ashley Tisdale

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High School Musical co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale proved two things during their shopping spree in L.A. this week:

  1. They may not hate each other after all.
  2. They can appear in pictures with their clothes on.

But the real question, of course, is: Which young star looks better? Here's a quick look at what the respective girlfriends of Zac Efron and Jared Murillo are sporting...

Kendall Jenner Fashion

Hudgens is wearing a basic white shirt with a silk scarf tied around her neck and the ultimate accessory on celebrity divas: over-sized sunglasses.

Tisdale, meanwhile, is going for the rocker chic look in her skinny black jeans, trendy oxford booties and Chanel sunglasses.

You tell us, celebrity gossip fans: Who looks better?

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Uhh. . .shes a whore coz of the nude Pics??
Pllzz that was soo last week!
Vanessa & Ashley are bothh Good Friends, dont wana breakk them up! :)


The Both Look Gorgoues! Loving both the styles-Ashleys All Modern && Vanessa's all classy! ;)
Vanessa Whore? What? no Wayy!
Bothh are stunning :)


sweetie your hellll right (Y)
but hazel on the other hand..
vannessas not a whore
why do you judge like that
do you know what a whore is
do you know her?
im thinking not
so how about you shut that dirty mouth of yours
and click that red X button on the top right hand corner


Hey, people
Why compared these two ladies, and u all know they are both amazing. Both of them got their styles. It doesn't matter what they wear, but how they feel in it. I admire V and I know she looks pretty on that pic, and the same as Ashely, though Ashely isn't my favourite actress but I like her. And to those who saying V is a whore. Do u know what a whore is? Can u define whore? PS! Don't misjudge a person, even if u don't like them. Don't be like Thomas like what he did on American Idol.. Be mindful of what u say to others. Peace.. Keep on V they're only giving u words of encouragement. God bless u and Ashely too... It was nice of u to stand by V, when she was down, not only u but the others too.. God bless u all..


Hey, people
Why compared that these two ladies and u all know that they are amazing??
Why can'tu guys compare n't


Vanessa a Whore...Ashelys not
That's That
I vote Ashely
As as far as who should be dating Zac...
I SHOULD be me!
yah boi


every1 answer this qeustion plz:Who do u want 2 be with Zac:Ashley or Vanessa.i want Zanessa not Zashley


oh no way, ashley rules!!! she's so pretty.... i don't think vanessa has so much style even if she's a good actress...


vanessa has loads of style...but ashley is cool too. but definately vanessa
ps- i agree with kiisha's comment


you are right kiisha. I think Vanessa looks better in this particular picture but usually Ashley looks better in all the other ones

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