Celebrities, Critics & Fans Unite to Bash Britney Spears

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Rarely has a live performance been as universally panned and ridiculed as when Britney Spears took the stage at last night's MTV Music Video Awards.

Spears is reportedly reeling after her first major public appearance in four years, in which she donned silver and black sparkly underwear and knee-high black boots to mail in her new single "Gimme More."

Fans were in hysterics, critics claimed she looked disinterested and unfit, and her fellow celebrities seemed to agree.

Speaking backstage after the event, the great Akon said, "That could have been better. She needed to focus more. She looked nervous and I think the pressure got to her."

Common added, "I think it didn't seem like she wanted to be there. There wasn't any spark, it didn't feel like life was there."

Kanye West said, "I have no words."

As if that weren't enough, Britney also had to endure withering remarks from comedian Sarah Silverman during the ceremony.

She sarcastically remarked, "Was that incredible? Britney Spears. Wow. She is amazing. She is 25 years old and she's already accomplished everything she's going to accomplish in her life. It's mind-blowing."

Silverman also called Brit's sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, "the most adorable mistakes," and brought up the fun topic of Britney's shaved crotch.

The New York Post may have summed it up best: "[Britney Spears] jiggled like Jell-O and didn't seem to care that she danced like she had a load in her pants."

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Britney is a good singer! i like it)))


Leave her alone. You cannot judge a person until you have had their experiences.


Britney has made some mistakes in her life..but who doesen't. She is normal just like everyone else. She just had some issues she needs to come clean with and straighten her act up and be the mother to her babies..She needs to leave the singing career behind her and step up to being a great mom for a change!


She deserves every ridicule and more. She is a NO TALENT who thinks she can breeze through and people will love her. I hope nobody calls her for any more shows again. Please stop the insanity NOW!


I will boycott anything with her. She is talentless and rich which is both sickening beyond belief. I won't ever watch any "entertainment" shows with her fat ass on it.




Enough with this trashbin! Come on music execs, stop making the public be a party to her stupidity, don't hire her anymore.


She can't sing, dance, act, look pretty, or be entertaining. She is a waste of life. She doesn't deserve being rich!


I will never watch another music show when she is on it! It stunk up the whole show and ruined the beginning.


No bitch but fat