Britney Spears Nude Photos Losing Luster, Value

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Britney Spears nude. Where do we even begin?

We know, we know. That's what Criss Angel said.

Britney Spears' Rack

No, seriously, the topic of Britney Spears naked photos and their market value is being discussed by people other than us! Playboy has reportedly turned down the offer of a nude photo spread of  Spears, The National Ledger is reporting.

Britney reportedly was shopping a seven-figure deal to take it all off for the iconic adult magazine, but Hugh Hefner was only willing to part with $400,000. 

Only $400,000? Just call her Enron of nude photos! Five years ago, Britney Spears was reportedly offered a whopping $2 million to pose naked in Playboy.

A source told the Ledger that photos of Britney with no underwear on taken by paparazzi, along with her woeful performance at the MTV Video Music Awards this month, had dramatically lowered the asking price.

"You would be delusional if you think anyone out there is going to pay giant bucks to see [Britney Spears nude]," the source said. "She's already bared way too much flesh while out partying for that to happen. Not anymore."

It's true. You know the old adage. Why buy the cow when you and every other celebrity news site on the Internets can have the milk for free? So to speak.


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Yes I remember a time when we were so desperate to see Britney nude that we were photoshopping her left, right and center. Now that she started going pantiless, partying too hard, marrying K-Fed and basically got stupid(er) we could care less. Why pay her to pose nude? Eventually we'll see her naked anyway while she's out and about acting retarded. She needs to concentrate on her singing career and improving her image by being a good person and mother. Maybe then we can accept her again.

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