Britney Spears. No Underwear. Again.

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Britney Spears. No pants. Certain things just go together.

Yes, the commando queen is back at it again, treating us to another fine upskirt display after her universally maligned VMAs performance on Sunday.

Pacify This!

What else would you expect from the former pop star than to go out partying at the Bellagio in Vegas and show off her hairless axe wound once again.

She knows it's been a whole week and a half since she gave us a good shot of her wearing no pants. We appreciate your concern for our well being, Brit.

The newest pictures of Spears with no pants circulating around the Internet speak for themselves. The only questions:

  1. Which has more hair: Jayden James' head, or his mom's vagina?
  2. Which was more bare: Britney's lack of caring during the VMAs, or her baby factory?
  3. In the next few months, which are we more likely to see: a high-selling Britney Spears album, or pubic hair?

Questions for the ages, all of them. For the uncensored photos of Britney's crotch, which really aren't all they're cracked up to be (or anything at all new), head on over to Perez Hilton by CLICKING HERE.


sleaze pop tart Britney Spears, dies at 8pm MPT
of an cardiac arrest in Hollywood Hills Hospital, there are no furthur details at this time.


britney is beautiful and she needs time to find herself and with the papparazi in her face all the time she is not getting a chance to grow up the way you or i would. she is a beautiful person and being the focus of the world cant be easy especially that she has been in the public eye since she was 15 that cant be easy. so what that she doesnt wear underwear there are hundreds of people every day that who cares. and have you seen the way papparazi swarm her when she is out, its terrible. Britney is still beautiful no matter what


... and just for the record, isn't there a law against indecent exposure?


Hey Kayla. Isn't there a law against rambling? She wanted to be public property. Now she's public property. I say, throw her to the dogs! Nice and concise.


Just here to agree with Fisch. There are laws against taking a picture of someone's business, but that business has to be in private. If you swing your beef curtains all over the streets then it's fair game. And, please. She wants the attention and she hasn't figured out that her stuff is disgusting so she continues to show it off so she can squeeze the absolute last second if her ever dwindling 15 minutes. She's a beast who isn't fit to mingle with humans.


Just want to point out for the future if anyone actually reads this...there *is* a law against slander, but it's really vague, and it really depends on how the terms are interpreted. Just having a picture taken doesn't constitute slander.


Isn't there a law against slander? Is there a law aginst harrassment? The paps, press, media, whatever you want to call those "Dirty Laundry Loving Freaks" should be sued big time for their sicko ways of ZOOMING IN on anything they think is dirty. How do those freaks sleep at night? And for all that is said, Britney can do what she wants to do. I feel for her. I would sue the hell out of those freaks! Anyway, I think she is going to be okay. She is young, she will learn and she will live. Her way, Not yours.


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