Audrina, Justin-Bobby, Lauren at Hot Hollywood Awards

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Opera and Crimson morphed into one ultra-club for Us Weekly's annual Hot Hollywood Awards, which was as packed with celebrities as it was with their publicists, assistants, managers and bodyguards.

Case in point: when Justin Brescia, a.k.a. Justin-Bobby from The Hills, has a PR rep guarding his table, you know there is something wrong with the world.

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Nevertheless, we mean no disrespect to J-B, and The Hills was well represented at the event. A great time was had by all. Here's a pic of Justin-Bobby with his girl, Audrina Patridge, as well as a photo of the always lovely Lauren Conrad.

NOTE: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were also there, but we decided to spare you a shot of them sucking face in public... for at least the next hour or two.


I really wanna know where I could get the dress that Audrina wore to that event. I know it's Rock & Republic but that's all I got...any ideas?


"justin bobby" would be all like i don't care about being on tv but he's been hanging out with all of them with cameras around like a lot...hmmm.... i'm sensing that someone wanted to be famous as well he just want it to be subtle at the moment....


Lauren Rocks, lover her.


I knew Justin before he was "Justin Bobby", last thing I knew he was in a band in Los Angeles called EdstanleY. He was playing drums for another sexy,introspective, chill musician in LA named Scott Gripe. Their sound is super unique and I'm thinkin in time it could be huge. Here's their myspace url if u check em out:'


In response to Judy, 9/28, why are you so hard on Lauren, (her hair, eyebrows...) That is so not important in life. She is successful and why not lift people up, not break them down!!!!
Lauren, you are great!


Please do a season four, or else I might cry.
Well, actually I will cry.
Lauren and Brody need to be dating ALREADY!!
Adrina get a NEW man!!!!
Justin isn't good enough for you.
I'm jelious of how pretty all the girls are on The Hills (Lauren,Audrina,LO,Elodie)


i LOVE justin compared to spencer but finally i do not like him as well. he's such raggle-taggle and has no manners at all - it's disgusting.
i can't see why a pretty girl like audrina patridge needs to be with such a sleaz bag!


Justin-Bobby is far worse than Spencer. He is so obviously infatuated with Lauren, not Audrina. Audrina is not very pretty in these pics either. He is using her to be on TV,it was apparent the first time we saw him, he practically said it. If the Hill's was over, so would the relationship. I would rather see Heidi and Spencer than these two fools.
Heidi is prettier than Audrina.
Lauren is looking the same every single day, her hair needs something, her eyebrows need to be a shade lighter. They all have lots of issues.


Lauren looks great. Please don't post pictures of Heidi and Spencer, I'm so sick of seeing these two famewhores on this site, that's the reason I stopped coming here for a while.


lauren and audrina are looking amazing on that shots! thanks you guys for not having heidi's pics hahaha can't wait for the next episode!

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