Another Sarah Larson and George Clooney Sighting!

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We may still be wondering if Hayden Panettiere is dating Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia, but there's no doubt about this anymore:

Sarah Larson and George Clooney are a couple.

George Clooney, Girlfriend

The pair has been spotted holding hands yet again, this time in New York City. At this point, all that remains in naming them. Looney? Carson? Send us your best ideas!

Forget the enormous boobs on Lucy Pinder. Our favorite couple right now is George Clooney and Sarah Larson.


yay, that's all sweet but she's just a paid companion, aka, an escort


I think they are a beauitful couple. She desrves the best and so does he. They love each other and that's the main thing. THEY HAVE MY BLESSINGS MHC


I think they ate a beautiful couple. She deserves the best and so does he. They love each other and that's the main thing. THEY HAVE MY BLESSINGS MHC


.blah.....blah...blah..who cares about these people.......does not touch my life or anyone else's.....they are just people....


Is Sarah Larson half Asian?


People, don't you get it? She's a Vegas escort! Makes $200,000 a year as a WAITRESS, (per NY Post). She's got soft porn pics all over the web.
Check out
Stop thinking she's Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Couldn't be further from the truth.


Sarah is so pretty!!! And for all of you who keep calling George gay and drug addicted I think you should stop hatin because you'll probably never look as good as him and you need to grow up! George and Sarah are in my opinion America's new Cutest Couple. George can be with whoever he chooses no matter what there status is!!!


Sarah, looks like a doll.
She is beautiful.
George and Sarah, as couple will be the envy of sour puss commentors.
who are simply jealous of them.


Is Sarah mixed? Looks Oriental. Is the mother Oriental and Dad white?


George is not old and ill looking. He is gorgeous-you claim he made unkind comments about the appearances of the annoying women in the restaurant yet you feel free to insult him. Here's a tip for you, classy people don't bother others when they are dining privately. Oh wait, classy people don't enter contests to win a "celebrity date" with Fabio in the first place...
It's the best thing that happened to you girls, your middle aged mugs are on youtube, you were on tv, maybe next year you'll be on "Dancing with the Stars." I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes honey, they're over and so are you.

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