An O.J. Simpson Mug Shot Photo Finish

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Hey, if there's one rule every criminal knows, it's that when you get arrested for things like kidnapping, armed robbery and murder on a semi-regular basis, you can pretty much expect people to start comparing your booking photos.

People love celebrity mug shots, after all!

The OJ Simpson mug shot from 1994 (left) should have been his last, but since he beat the rap for killing two people, we got to see the 2007 model, taken over the weekend after the Juice was arrested for kidnapping and robbery.

O.J. Mug Shot
O.J. Simpson Mug Shot (2007)

OJ Simpson booking photos: 1994, 2007. Juice certainly eats well!

It's hard to make any sense of the spectacle that is OJ Simpson, truly one of the more amazing humans of our time. But we do know two things for sure:

  1. He hasn't kept a low profile since getting away with murder, but rather has shown his true colors by attempting to flaunt and cash in on it.
  2. Guy hasn't eaten many salads since 1994.

In case you missed it, O.J. Simpson was charged with many felonies for his role in the alleged armed robbery of sports memorabilia dealers in a Vegas hotel.

As of this morning, Simpson is free on $125,000 bail. He had to surrender his passport, but Mexico is only a three-hour drive from L.A., and they don't stop you at the border when you're going South. Gas up the Bronco, A.C.


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I find nothing about OJ funny, good or anything that remotely makes him human, because OJ is an animal, who should be put down like the mad dog that he is. It would be doing society a service, if someone put that disgusting animal down, like other dangerous predators are, and he would more than deserve it, and it would be righting a terrible wrong. OJ deserves to die.


If you want to find the Juice than go to Florida specifically here!!
Home sweet home. See where O.J. lives in Miami


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O.J. Simpson was just sued by an inmate in South Carolina. http://dreadnaught.wordpress.c... yojoe


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