Alli Sims: Sarah Silverman Was Mean to Britney!

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Hey, at least one person is still on Team Britney!

Well, two if you're gonna count that nut Chris Crocker.

Shakin' That Booty

Ding dang, wouldn't you know it, Britney Spears' "cousin" and "assistant," the aspiring "singer" Alli Sims, has jumped to her ol' boss' defense.

Alli Sims doesn't know why people don't weave Britney alone, and says Sarah Silverman's opening remarks at the MTV Video Music Awards just "mean."

"Have you seen Britney's kids? Oh my god! They are the most adorable little mistakes you will ever see!" Silverman said at the VMAs. "They are as cute as the hairless vagina they came out of."

THG NOTE: Britney had a C-section for both births, making Sarah's jokes off the mark. But the fact remains Britney goes clubbing with no underwear, so one can excuse Silverman's error. A comedian can't not go there, you know?

Anyway. Alli Sims was making a run to the grocery store for the 25-year-old star Wednesday when photographers asked if she had anything to say.

Alli Sims: Britney's cousin? Assistant? Pal?

"What about Sarah Silverman?" one guy asked Sims (on behalf of the venerable celebrity news agency X17 online. "Do you have anything to say to her?"

Alli's reply: "She's mean... MEAN! She'll have kids one day and she won't appreciate that crap."

: Sarah Silverman has said in the past that she does not want, and believes she won't ever have, children. But again, neither here nor there.

In any case, it's good to see Alli and Britney back together again. Maybe Sims' "solo" career didn't gain much traction? Here's hoping they can get Shannon Funk to come over for a some three-way girl-on-girl action and videotape it.




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I just wish someone would get Britney some help, whether she wants it or not. All these mandated reporters out there have to recognize that this woman is a danger to herself and others, particularly her children. That alone can get her at least a diagnostic for her mental health. And I hope that Sheila V's comment was directed at Silverman...Kathy Griffin is deliberately mean-spirited as part of her act: Sarah Silverman is just mean and hurtful.


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