Alicia Silverstone Goes Nude for PETA

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Move over, Holly Madison nude!

There's a new random celebrity taking her clothes off in the name of animal love.

Alicia Silverstone Nude

Alicia Silverstone is proving that she's isn't Clueless about vegetarianism, as the actress who hasn't been heard from in a decade is posting in the buff for PETA.

While The Hollywood Gossip staff thinks there are more important causes in the world than eschewing tasty red meat for bland veggies (the cows are gonna be killed anyway, Alicia), we do admire any celebrity that does more than simply party at Hyde every night or purchase a fleet of Escalades.

And, don't worry, we still hate Michael Vick.

You can see Heidi Klum nude in Arena magazine or Alicia Silverstone nude in a PETA ad. The former killed trees to get there, the latter killed any taste in her diet.

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who "hates" michael vick? i certainly dont! In a country of sane intelligent adults, he wouldnt be in this kind of trouble to begin with - but america is full of spoiled neurotic children (many with adult bodies), so what else is to be expected?
DOGS? SO WHAT? Animal shelters kill them all the time - even PETA does!