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Are Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon pulling a Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas?

The sex tape-laden twosome have reportedly applied for â€" and been granted â€" a marriage license in Las Vegas, according to Access Hollywood and People.

"I was told late Saturday night that they filed for a marriage license," a source said, adding that Anderson and Salomon have been inseparable lately. "Rick is always with her. He's backstage when she does her show all the time."

According to Access Hollywood, the show's Las Vegas affiliate confirmed that the pair had gotten the license on Saturday.

We wonder if this will lead to any Kid Rock, Tommy Lee and Rick Salomon fight. It's a strong possibility.

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You might know Andy Samberg as the Saturday Night Live star who won awards and millions of laughs for "D!ck in a Box," his SNL Digital Short with Justin Timberlake.

His latest effort, "Iran So Far," might be even more ridiculous.

Adam Levine and Anne V

In this three-minute music video featuring Adam Levine on backing vocals, Samberg professes his undying love for - who else - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the leader of Iran, who visited New York City recently amid massive controversy.

You can deny the Holocaust all you want, Andy Samberg tells Mahmoud (played by SNL cast member Fred Armisen) but you can't deny the chemistry between me and you. Check out the video - and look for a cameo by Jake Gyllenhaal!


"You say there are no gays in Iran ... but you in New York now, baby!"

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Katharine McPhee is one of our favorite American Idol contestants of all-time.

But it looks like boyfriend Nick Cokas likes this singer even more: he recently asked her to marry him... and she said yes!

"They're definitely engaged," said a source on the set of House Bunny, the movie McPhee is currently filming alongside Rumer Willis. "They've been talking about it for some time."

We couldn't be happier for this couple. We can only hope Blake Lewis, another American Idol favorite, finds the same sort of satisfaction in the near future.

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David Hans Schmidt, the celebrity sex tape broker who was facing prison time after pleading guilty to trying extort money from Tom Cruise, was found dead in his home yesterday afternoon, according to authorities.

Local ivestigators said it appeared David Hans Schmidt, 47, who was under house arrest in the Phoenix area pending sentencing, had committed suicide.

Schmidt was found dead in his townhouse around 3 p.m. Friday after police noticed an electronic tracker placed on him had not moved and he had not checked in with authorities as required, said Lt. Anthony Lopez.

It wasn't known when Schmidt, who was free on $100,000 bond, was to enter his plea in court. He also faced a $250,000 fine for trying to extort $1 million or more for stolen TomKat wedding photos August 24 in L.A.

David Hans Schmidt, 47, a notorious broker of compromising celebrity photos and videos (most recently, regarding TomKat) was found dead on Friday.

Schmidt admitted he was guilty of extortion after contacting reps of Tom Cruise and threatening to release wedding photos of the actor and Katie Holmes - which a client obtained illegally - if he didn't get between $1.2 and $1.3 million.

In the past, Schmidt had tried to auction off Paris Hilton's diary, as well as photos of her in various stages of undress and other items allegedly "stolen" from her.

The man also brokered deals to sell the rights to the Dustin Diamond sex tape, the amateur porn video of Tonya Harding's wedding night, topless shots of rescued U.S. Army POW Pfc. Jessica Lynch, and Jamie Foxx nude pics.

Schmidt was no stranger to the headlines his unusual line of work yielded him - in fact, he relished them. A "wall of shame" filled his office, with framed pics of the celebrities whose scandals paid the bills for the controversial "publicist."

David Hans Schmidt represented Gennifer Flowers when she came forward with allegations of an affair with former President Clinton. He also represented prostitute Divine Brown, famous for being solicited by Hugh Grant.

In a 1998 interview with The Arizona Republic, David Hans Schmidt said that days like when the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton broke were the kind of days and opportunities he lived for.

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Just five weeks old, John Edward Thomas Moynahan appeared at a restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif., with MILF his mother, Bridget Moynahan.

Despite being one of the newest, and cutest, celebrity babies around, l'il John looks very sad for some reason. Some possible theories:

Bridget Moynahan Nude
  • He's upset that his father, Tom Brady, isn't around
  • He's distraught that despite the Patriots' 3-0 start, their play has been overshadowed by CameraGate and Rodney Harrison's HGH use
  • He's miffed that Sean Preston and Jayden James get all the attention
  • He's a month old and simply cries a lot

Whatever the reason, here's mom and adorable celebrity baby ...

John Edward Thomas Moynahan accompanies mama Bridget to lunch at the swanky Bel Air Bay Club. Cheer up, J.E.T. Mom will get a new acting job soon!

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Amid an endless sea of cat fights, drunken nights and Spencer Pratt bound bites, the stabilizing influence of The Hills has always been the lovely Whitney Port.

We first saw the striking blonde-haired, blue-eyed Whitney when she was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed co-intern of Lauren Conrad at Teen Vogue.

Whitney Port and a Friend

Since then, she's been promoted to a full-time "fashion contributor" at Teen Vogue and has been a greater focal point of The Hills than ever.

New York's was lucky enough to interview the beautiful and sage friend of LC recently, just prior to the start of The Hills' third season. Here's what Ms. Port had to say about fame, life and, of course, hair products.

Q: Where are you right now?

Whitney Port: In L.A., at my sister's 20th birthday party. We went out to a little lunch, me and my two sisters and my mom. The four girls.

Q: What did you do for premiere of The Hills?

Whitney Port: I kind of stay out of everything. I went out of town for two weeks, so I wasn't be in the middle of the craziness. I'm going to Missouri with my whole family - we've been going every year since I was born. And yes, we have TV there!

Q: How is this season different than the first two? For you, personally?

Whitney Port: Yeah, this season... we are finding ourselves more as women and revealing more of ourselves. It is still very hard for me to show my private life.

Q: Why?

Whitney Port: I don't like letting myself be vulnerable... I don't like having my life controlled by other people.

Continue Reading...

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Tara Reid has a better chance of getting into Hyde than guys do of getting into the pants of Miley Cyrus.

In the wake of rumors that she was somehow pregnant, the Hannah Montana star made Jordin Sparks-like remarks, stating she won't be giving her special flower away before marriage:

Miley in Teen Vogue

"[The celebrity gossip rumors have] given me the street cred to say that would be impossible, because I'm living my life the way I believe is right and that is to stay pure," Cyrus said.

So, does that mean Miley doesn't believe in sex without a ring on her finger?

"No, I don't at all," she said.

In completely opposing news, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian most assuredly do.

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GiseleNo, we won't be seeing Gisele Bundchen nude in Penthouse any time soon.

What ever gave you that idea?

The supermodel is, however, putting her NYC penthouse up for sale. The price tag on the 1,750-square foot Greenwich Village apartment and its 2,500 square foot landscaped roof deck? $10.9 million.

That's like 10 Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards Playboy shoots.

The two-bedroom, two-bath condo overlooks the Hudson River from each of its three floors and includes special features such as a high-tech security system, a wood-burning fireplace and Brazilian-wood floors.

Look closely with a fluorescent light, too, and you can probably find remnants of Tom Brady, too. We're just sayin.

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They're blonde. They have huge breasts. They look plastic. And they both want to be famous really bad! Well, at least Heidi Montag does... apparently, she wants to be just like Pamela Anderson from her Baywatch days. Check out these pics.

Stupid Speidi

Look, Heidi Montag in a bikini on the beach. Something new and different!

As Heidi Montag frolicks in the waves in L.A. Thursday, the Us cover girl shows off her body, which we haven't seen half naked on the beach in, like, days.

The publicity hound star of The Hills channeled her inner Baywatch babe, posing for the cameras by the shore in a pink bikini. Pamela Anderson would be proud.

All we need now is for Heidi to marry and divorce both Spencer Pratt and Justin Brescia (a.k.a. Justin-Bobby) so that they can reenact a preppy, pimply, stoner version of the Tommy Lee-Kid Rock fight each time they see each other.

You think there's drama on The Hills now? Just wait!

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Rumer Willis liked the wig she's been wearing in her latest movie so much that she had her hair dyed platinum blonde, like for real. Peep it:

Ashton and Rumer

ABOVE: Hayden Panettiere admires BFF Rumer Willis' new look.

Showing off the 'do Thursday, the 19-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis and stepfather Ashton Kutcher told people that her new look jolted her folks, as well as her younger siblings, Scout, 16, and Tallulah, 13.

"I came home, and my parents were really shocked when I walked in the house," Rumer Willis says. "My sisters looked at me like, 'What? Your hair!' But everyone, including my parents, loved it."

What a relief. The makeover by Tracey Cunningham at the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills required seven hours to complete.

"Honestly, it just took a long time. I got there at like 1 [p.m.], and I didn't leave until 8. I have really dark hair, so it took a long time, but it didn't hurt," she says.

"I got the idea because the movie I just finished, I was wearing a blonde wig, so I saw myself like that. And I just went for it."

The movie comedy, I Know What Boys Like, was previously called House Bunny. It features an almost nude Rumer Willis in dunce cap, among other stuff.

Says Rumer Willis: "I always find that whenever I'm doing something big in my life, I want to change the hair." We totally agree.

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