Where Can You Find Mary-Louise Parker Naked?

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In a recent AP article, Mary-Louise Parker was asked about her recent nude publicity photographs for Weeds.

She replied that it was no big deal because "I've been naked quite a bit, actually. You Google me, you'll see it all.

Mary-Louise Photo

So we did. Alas, our celebrity gossip staff could not any pics of this actress completely naked. (We had no trouble uncovering Holly Madison nude photos, however.).

What gives? Well, Parker may not have meant her quote to be taken so literally. The truth is that this beautiful star has bared her breasts and most of her body in a few movies. They are:

  • Grand Canyon
  • The Five Senses
  • Angels in America

So queue up your Netflix account, readers, and give yourself the gift of Mary-Louise Parker naked and in action.

Meanwhile, if you wish to check out Vida Guerra pretty much nude, just look at any picture of this model.

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