When Naked Models Attack: Rebecca Romijn, Tyra Banks Nude Pics

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Ladies, we gave you a chance to drool over David Beckham nude photos.

Now, it's time for the guys to enjoy their naked fill once more. Below, two of the sexiest super models to strut down the catwalk are baring it all for fans.

And while this Tyra Banks nude picture is a bit scary/masculine, Rebecca Romijn naked is as hot as the play of the New York Yankees.

Rebecca Romijn Nude

Each of these beauties has a second career to modeling right now. Banks is an Oprah Winfrey-wanna be with her talk show; and Romijn is starring alongside America Ferrera in Ugly Betty.

But when either hottie wishes to, she can still match the sexy, nude exploits of Holly Madison or Tila Tequila any time. And that should be comforting for them to know.

It should also help Joe Simpson rethink he stance on Jessica Simpson nude movie roles: In order to revive her career, clothes may need to be ditched.

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