Wentworth Miller: Black, White, Handsome

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Female readers sometimes complain about pics on our site, such as the shot of Katherine Heigl nude.

Give us some hot man love, they demand!

As you can see below, we've heeded their call.

While Wentworth Miller is rumored to be playing for his own team - and dating actor Luke MacFarlane - he's still very, very easy on the eyes.

The Prison Break star was recently interviewed by Germany's GQ (the same magazine that published Paris Hilton naked on its cover). He said the following about his heritage:

"My father is Black, my mother White. That makes me a Lone Ranger between the two ethnic communities."

It also makes him hot!


its not important to be white or black,but the most important thing is your heart.i loved michel scofield coz he has kind heart but i do not know wentworth miller


I think that it is unfair to post everywhere that Wentworth is dating someone if he isnt admitting to it..... i think that people should just let celebs be free to express their emotions and their love life.


yeah right.tink he is a very cute guy.UR BIGGEST FAN IN NIGERIA.


i dont care if he is gay or a lone ranger or not he is still hot,and i love him,he is an awesome actor and welcome in my house anytime ......


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