Wentworth Miller: Black, White, Handsome

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Female readers sometimes complain about pics on our site, such as the shot of Katherine Heigl nude.

Give us some hot man love, they demand!

As you can see below, we've heeded their call.

While Wentworth Miller is rumored to be playing for his own team - and dating actor Luke MacFarlane - he's still very, very easy on the eyes.

The Prison Break star was recently interviewed by Germany's GQ (the same magazine that published Paris Hilton naked on its cover). He said the following about his heritage:

"My father is Black, my mother White. That makes me a Lone Ranger between the two ethnic communities."

It also makes him hot!

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@ Thor: hmmm. i don't remember ever seeing "barely black" as one of the choices under race. i bet he'd be black if he was a drug slinging murderer from the hood, featured on the nightly news. since he's one of hollywood's "beautiful people" you wanna call him "barely black". that's a new one for me.


I listened to many Went's interviews and I actually fall in love with Went. His is so polite, kindhearted, gorgeous, bright...I can listen to his voice hour to hour, it so warm and like paint release. I just love yourself Went, though I also love Micheal. Love you Went


He is Barley Black His Father was Multi Racial and his Mom is Jewish!!


Wntworth ငါနင့္ကိုအ�ပင္မွာ�မင္ဘူး�်င္�ယ္


Wentworth Miller ငါ�ိုဘယ္ေ�ာ့မွမဆံုႀကေ�ာ့ဘူးထင္�ယ္ေနာ္


Wentworth Miller




the most important thing i like about Prison break is how a person is willing to go and save his loved ones.
and therefore i trully admire his character. i know nothing about wentworth miller but i hope in real life he has the same personality as michael scofield. Your character has change the way i think.


The most attractive and magnificent thing about him is his eyes.The majority of us would like to see him smiling and looking ONLY AT US.HIS EYES ARE HYPNOTIC-thats the reason for our suffering!!!!!!!!!


i love that he puts it out there that he's part black. actually, it's one of the very reasons i fell in love w/ him.