Warning: It's a Courtney Love Nude Photo!

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Sorry, folks, we'd much rather show that Keira Knightley nude photo again.

But the celebrity gossip forces of nature are obligating us to also post the picture of Courtney Love naked below. We're really sorry.

For the Love of Courtney

The widow of Kurt Cobain poses in such a ghastly manner in September's Harper's Bazaar. Remember, this is the same publication that also put Britney Spears naked and pregnant on its cover. So apparently there are magazines out there with even worst taste than Heidi Montag.

Spencer Pratt bashing aside, we wonder if Billy Corgan has really hit this. And how long he showered for afterwards, if so.

We thought it didn't get any sicker looking than today's earlier photo of Jenna Jameson, but Courtney is making a good case for nauseating news item of the day.

What do you think, readers? Is there anyone you'd wish to see nude less than this dirty singer? Cisco Adler, perhaps? Definitely?


Sorry - can't help myself by posting again here. I just happened to read the other comments and i'm thinking baba either didn't take her meds yet that day or please, please, get some help. Thats a lot of anger for one person to be hanging onto sweetie.


Dear Sir & Madam, I would have nude photo of love making with husbend and wife


wow. you are really fucking sad mischalova. get a life and keep your snotty nose out of C-Love's. i'm pretty sure she's achieved more success than you ever will you pathetic swine.